Young Garba Enthusiast Dies of Cardiac Arrest, Mother Taken Off Life Support

During the Navratri festival in Ahmedabad, a tragic incident occurred. A young man, who actively participated in Garba celebrations, tragically lost his life, leaving his mother devastated. This young man had danced to Garba with friends for two hours at his residence and then unexpectedly passed away, with no prior indication of any illness, not even COVID-19. This sudden turn of events took place, leaving the people around him in shock. A call to 108 was made, but by the time they reached the spot, the young man’s heart had already stopped beating.

A Young Man Collapses at a Garba Party

A 28-year-old youth named Ravi Panchal, who resided in Narol, Ahmedabad, was employed in a private company. His mother was his only family. Ravi’s financial responsibilities rested on his shoulders, and his mother depended on him. One evening, Ravi informed his mother that he was going to a nearby Navratri Garba party and would return in two hours. However, at the party, he suddenly collapsed.

Ravi Had No Prior Illness

Interestingly, Ravi had no known illnesses, and he had not contracted COVID-19. Surrounded by friends, Ravi was enjoying the Garba festivities, and then he collapsed at the party plot. Upon his sudden collapse, the people around him rushed him to the hospital. Unfortunately, he could not be revived, and he was declared dead. This shocking event left his mother heartbroken, as she had lost her only source of support.

Why Does a Heart Attack Occur?

Doctors have noted that the stress, lifestyle, excessive oily food, and sedentary habits that people have developed post-COVID-19 may have taken a toll on their bodies. These factors have a direct impact on the heart. Therefore, during Garba celebrations, it is essential to take regular breaks and rest to avoid overexertion. If someone experiences any physical discomfort, they should immediately seek medical attention. It’s notable that the first cause of death, according to the post-mortem report, is related to a heart attack.

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