PGVCL Raid in Rajkot: 31 Teams Conduct Vigorous Checking, Unearth 12 Lakh Electricity Theft in Madhapar and Bedinaka Divisions Tomorrow

PGVCL has commenced a drive to check power theft in Rajkot city. Starting today, the corporate team of PGVCL has deployed 31 teams across the Madhapar and Bedinaka sub-divisions of Rajkot City Circle Division 2 for thorough power theft checking. Yesterday, on the first day, a rapid inspection of 67 connections resulted in uncovering power theft amounting to a total of 12.03 lakhs.

Checking Begins with 31 Teams in City

The city of Rajkot is witnessing an intensive crackdown on power theft across its urban areas. Monthly checking drives will continue, with the December drive being launched today. Starting from the early morning, 31 teams from different areas have begun checking for power theft. The checking drive will extend to more than 15 areas, including Popatpara, Raghunandan, Mohan Park, Neelkanth Park, Railnagar, among others, covering a total of 4 feeders.

Inclusion of 3 Video Graphers and Police in Today’s Checking Drive

Today’s checking drive in City Division 2 includes teams from Popatpara, Raghunandan, Mohan Park, Neelkanth Park, Railnagar, and other areas. A total of 3 video graphers, 11 retired army personnel, 12 SRP personnel, and 8 local police officers are participating in the inspection drive.

Power Theft of Over 26 Crores Unearthed in 7 Months

Yesterday, 33 teams conducted inspections in the expanses under City Division 1, checking a total of 738 connections. Out of these, 67 connections revealed power theft amounting to a rapid recovery of 12.03 lakhs. Notably, in Rajkot city and district, over 10,700 connections were inspected in October, resulting in the discovery of power theft in 1189 connections, totaling over 3.79 crores. In the last seven months, Rajkot city and district have witnessed power theft of over 26 crores, with 9,914 connections inspected in the last seven months alone, resulting in power theft exceeding 26 crores.

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