Torrent Company Personnel, Assisted by Police, Shut Down Donated Machines at Parvati Jadav Hospital in Ahmedabad

In the Naranpura area of Ahmedabad, the Parvati Jadhav Hospital has been equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology, including City Scan and MRI machines, since November 25. The trustees informed that on November 25, employees of a Torrant Company, accompanied by the police, arrived and shut down the machines. As a result, a large number of economically disadvantaged patients, who rely on this hospital for medical services, are facing significant challenges. Immediate reporting to other hospitals becomes necessary for these patients.

Shutdown of Machines Affects Patient Care

For several days now, the Parvati Jadhav Hospital in Naranpura has seen the closure of City Scan and MRI machines. The Torrant Company’s employees, who donated all these machines, abruptly shut them down on November 25, as reported by the trustees. The reason for doing so remains unclear as there has been no response from the company or the police regarding the sudden closure.

Seeking Relief Poses Reporting Challenges

Due to the closure of the machines in this hospital, patients are forced to go to other private hospitals for City Scan and MRI reports. This has become a burden, especially for poor patients, as reporting in other private centers costs significantly more. The trustees have been continuously requesting the company to restart the machines so that the poor can receive proper medical care, but there has been no response.

Other Hospitals Report Relief

In other private hospitals in Naranpura, relief is provided through City Scan and MRI reports. Additionally, some reports are even issued for free for economically disadvantaged patients. The hospital’s trustees have repeatedly pointed out that the machines are not owned by the company and, therefore, questioning why they are being shut down. They are urging the company to restart the machines immediately to avoid further difficulties for the poor.

Company Ownership Denial Raises Concerns

The poor patients who come here are forced to report to other hospitals when they learn that the machines have been shut down. It becomes challenging for them to afford the higher costs of reporting in other private centers. The trustees have been urging the company to resume the machines and have raised concerns that the company’s owner does not reside in the region. The continuous demand is to restart the machines to ensure affordable and accessible healthcare for the underprivileged.

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