IIT Professor Couple and Teacher from Singapore Test Positive; 8 Corona Cases in Gandhinagar, 40+ Quarantined

Gandhinagar’s IIT has reported a positive case of COVID-19, as Professor Couple returning from Karnataka tested positive. Alongside, a teacher from Sector-29, who arrived from Singapore, has confirmed being COVID positive, increasing concerns about rising cases in the city-district.

Professor Couple Stricken with Fever and Cough

In Gandhinagar, COVID cases are gradually emerging. Professor Couple, who returned from Bengaluru, showed symptoms of fever and cough. After their arrival, both, aged 48 and 42, tested positive for COVID. They are currently under home isolation in their IIT quarters, having received three doses of the COVID vaccine.

Teacher Tests Positive Two Days After Returning from Singapore

In Sector-29, a 59-year-old teacher tested positive for COVID two days after returning from Singapore. After her positive report, she has been placed under home isolation. Testing has also been initiated for three individuals who had contact with her.

Eight-Year-Old Child Infected

Notably, during a religious tour from Kalol-Dhamasan to South India, a family from Sector-6, after their return, had an eight-year-old child test positive for COVID. This raised concerns about the spread, leading to the testing of all family members. Meanwhile, in Vavol, a family’s eight-year-old tested positive amidst rising cases, bringing the total active cases to five.

Over 40 People Quarantined

The health department, suspecting the spread during a religious tour, quarantined over 40 people. In Sector-6, two sisters, aged 57 and 59, tested positive, leading to testing in Sector-3 and Kalyanpura. A child from Vavol, who tested positive, increased active cases to five. Currently, over 40 people are under quarantine.

District Cases Reach Eight

The city-district has now crossed eight confirmed COVID cases. The health department, monitoring travelers from Karnataka and Singapore, emphasizes rigorous testing for those returning from abroad.

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