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Disturbing Incident in Ahmedabad: Moths Emerge from Online Ordered Pasta After Pizza and Burger; Hotel Owner Prompts Refund

Incident of Online Food Order in Narannpuram, Ahmedabad

In a recent incident in the city of Ahmedabad, a young woman ordered a special dish from the Marutinandan Hotel, which is located in the Narannpuram area, through an online food delivery app. The special sizzler from Marutinandan Hotel was expected to be delivered to her address.

However, upon receiving the order, the young woman was surprised to find a white pasta instead of the expected sizzler. In response to this, she contacted the hotel to address the issue and requested a replacement or a refund. However, the woman claimed that she did not receive the promised resolution or a refund for the order.

Subsequently, the incident was reported to a local news outlet, Divya Bhaskar, during a conversation with the woman. According to her account, she ordered the Marutinandan Hotel’s special sizzler through the online food delivery app Zomato. However, instead of the sizzler, two boxes of white pasta were delivered. Following this, she contacted the hotel and received two boxes of white pasta as a replacement, marking the beginning of her meal.

Woman Refuses to Pay After Receiving Wrong Dish

After consuming half of a pasta dish from a local restaurant in Narannpuram, Ahmedabad, a woman discovered that she had been served the wrong item. Realizing the error, she contacted the hotel management to express her dissatisfaction and requested either a replacement or a refund. The hotel manager assured her that a new pasta dish would be delivered promptly, and she should return the incorrect order.

However, the woman refused to pay for the replacement or return the incorrect pasta dish, insisting that the hotel should bear the cost for their mistake. The situation escalated, leading the hotel management to involve local authorities and the municipal corporation’s food department.

In a related incident, a video went viral on social media, showing a live insect crawling out of a burger at a well-known pizza center in New Ranip, near Manek Chowk. The woman who experienced this unpleasant surprise shared the video and filed a complaint with the restaurant’s manager. The incident also caught the attention of the municipal corporation’s food department, which initiated an investigation.

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