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A young man from Ahmedabad’s Honest restaurant had a caterpillar come out of his Punjabi thali’s Mukhwas he ordered online

The occurrence of insects, such as cockroaches and caterpillars, emerging from various hotels and restaurants in Ahmedabad, has become a common phenomenon. With an increase in such incidents, a young man residing in the Sarkhej area of the city experienced a caterpillar emerging from a packet of Mukhavas in a Punjabi thali he had ordered from Prahladnagar Honest Restaurant through an online food app. The incident, captured in a viral video on social media, prompted a complaint to Honest Restaurant and the municipal corporation.

Caterpillar Found in Mukhwas Packet of Online Ordered Punjabi Thali

Kuldeep Chauhan, a resident of Sarkhej, encountered a caterpillar while opening a Mukhwas packet that accompanied a Punjabi thali ordered through an online food app from Honest Restaurant in Prahladnagar. Concerned about the increasing cases of insects in online food orders, Chauhan checked the food for any anomalies. To his dismay, a caterpillar emerged from the Mukhwas packet. He promptly contacted Honest Restaurant to register a complaint about the incident.

Young Man Shares Viral Video of Caterpillar Incident

The young man, Kuldeep Chauhan, took to social media to share a video documenting the caterpillar emerging from the Mukhwas packet, making it go viral. Alongside sharing the video, a formal complaint was lodged with the municipal corporation’s food department regarding the entire incident. The surge in incidents involving insects, including caterpillars, in food ordered through online apps is causing concerns about the negligence of restaurant owners in ensuring the quality and health of customers.

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