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Bisleri International’s Premium Category Soars to New Altitudes with the Launch of ‘Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water’

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Bisleri Internationals premium beverage category – Vedica, Himalayan Spring Water, expands its premium category with the launch of Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water. A tribute to the untamed beauty of the Himalayas, this sparkling elixir is a harmonious blend of effervescent bubbles and a perfectly balanced mineral composition, delivering an unparalleled refreshment that will captivate your senses.

Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water

The premium luxury offering is specially designed for consumers seeking a healthier alternative. Packaged in elegant glass bottles of 300ml, the sparkling water is priced at Rs 175 respectively. Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water guarantees an unparalleled level of quality. The sparkling water will be available across a wide range of distribution channels, including HoReCa, Modern and General Trade, Q-commerce, and the Bisleri @Doorstep App.

Dino Morea brand ambassador for Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water

Sourced directly from the snowy peaks of the Himalayas, Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water is a testament to natures splendour. Its pristine waters and naturally occurring minerals take you on a journey through the lush landscapes and celestial skies, all imbibed within an exquisite glass bottle. Inspired by its source, the bottle features intricate carvings on its neck, complemented by a regal crown cap and a label that artfully captures the starry evening skies adorned with gold accents. Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water assures exceptional quality, pureness, and an ideal balance of carbonation and crisp taste. This meticulous craftsmanship is tailor-made for the discerning Indian epicurean audience.

Commenting on the launch, Jayanti Khan Chauhan, Vice Chairperson, Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd., emphasized the strategic decision behind this product expansion, stating, “With Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water, we are bringing a blend of innovation and sophistication to the world of beverages. Our goal is to present the audience with a harmonious fusion of the purity inherent in our source, the Vedica spring. The exquisite effervescence thereby provides an invigorating alternative that aligns seamlessly with modern lifestyles. Moreover, with the festive season around the corner, it is ideal to launch sparkling water, a beverage often associated with celebrations and special occasions, thus offering an exciting choice for consumers.”

Crafted for versatility, it can be enjoyed on its own, adding a dash of sparkle to your everyday life, or seamlessly blended into inventive concoctions for those special moments. Its unique mineral composition complements a wide range of cuisines, making it the perfect companion for gastronomic adventures. The sparkling water promises to be a conduit into the realm of luxury, delivering purity and goodness that will truly enhance the quality of life.

Experience refreshment like never before with Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water. Elevate your senses and quench your thirst with this drink that is #FullOfAltitude.

About Bisleri Internationa Pvt. Ltd.
With a legacy of over 50 years, Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. has grown to become one of the largest premium beverage businesses in India. Being the makers of the countrys largest-selling packaged drinking water, Bisleri follows a stringent process of 114 quality tests and a 10-stage purification. It remains true to its core value of providing consumers with pure, safe and healthy water.

Bisleri International has a strong presence with 128 operational plants and a robust distribution network of over 6,000 Distributors and 7,500 Distribution Trucks across India and neighbouring countries. It offers a range of beverages that are produced for all occasions. It offers the promise of goodness, trust, and purity with Bisleri Mineral Water. The premium category of beverage, Vedica offers a daily dose of health through Vedica Himalayan Spring Water and a low-calories, sugar-free alternative with carbonation – Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water. Further, Bisleri International has ventured into fun-filled refreshments with a diverse range of carbonated soft drinks available in multiple flavours, such as Pop, Rev, Limonata and Spyci Jeera. All these products are available on the e-commerce platform – Bisleri @Doorstep. This D2C platform reassures customers that they will receive a safe and uninterrupted supply of their most trusted brand at their doorstep.

The core values of Bisleri International lie in yielding growth and embedding sustainability by being responsible in all aspects of the business. The organization has unveiled Sustainability 2.0 with Bisleri Greener Promise that focuses on creating greener future for all through implementing initiatives under the program of recycling, water conservation and sustainability.

For more information on Bisleri International, our people, brands, and OSR initiatives, visit

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