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Dead Frog Found in Balaji Wafers: Customer Complaint Dismissed by Care Center

Frog Found in Balaji Wafers Packet in Jamnagar

Recently, there have been increasing incidents of strange objects being found in food items. A similar incident has come to light from Jamnagar, where a frog was found in a packet of Balaji Wafers. The Food Department has initiated an investigation into the matter. Meanwhile, the company’s marketing manager stated that their plant is automated, making it impossible for a frog to enter the packet. Nevertheless, they are conducting their own investigation.

Packet Purchased from Provision Store

Jasmin Patel, who resides at Pushkardham Society Street No. 5 in Jamnagar, claimed that his niece purchased a packet of Balaji Wafers from a provision store yesterday. Upon bringing it home and opening it, they found a dead frog inside. Jasmin Patel reported the incident, and the Food Department of the Jamnagar Municipal Corporation has started further investigation.

I Showed the Frog at the Store

Jasmin Patel stated that his niece purchased a packet of Balaji Wafers from Patel General Store at 8 PM yesterday. At 11 PM, while his nine-month-old daughter and niece were eating the wafers, they suddenly found a dead frog inside. They threw the packet away and informed him. Jasmin Patel saw the dead frog inside the packet. He kept the packet as it was overnight and showed the frog to the store the next morning.

Do Whatever You Want

Jasmin Patel further mentioned that after discussing the issue with the store owner, he contacted the agency responsible for the wafers. They tried reaching customer care, but receiving no satisfactory response, they called customer care again. The representative responded indifferently, saying, “Do whatever you want, we receive such cases frequently.” Jasmin Patel expressed his concern, questioning who would have been responsible if something had happened to his nine-month-old daughter or his brother’s four-year-old daughter.

Such an Incident Has Never Happened in All These Years

Kamlesh Gangtani, the agency operator, stated that they have been in business for 20 years and have never encountered such an incident. He mentioned that the packet was already opened, and there was something inside resembling a frog. When asked for a definitive answer, he avoided commenting, saying that one can only know what is inside after opening the packet.

“This is Not Possible in the Company’s Automatic Plant – Manager

Jay Sachdeva, the marketing manager of Balaji Wafers, commented on the incident, stating that it seems highly unlikely for a fried frog to be found in a packet of Balaji crunchy wafers in Jamnagar. He explained that their plant operates according to food safety regulations, and their production process is automated. Even if potato chips turn out poorly fried, they are automatically discarded. Therefore, it is not possible for a frog to be fried, packed, and then distributed to the market. Nevertheless, they are investigating how a dead frog ended up in the wafer packet.

Proceeding with Sample Collection

Jamnagar Food Safety Officer D.B. Parmar stated that they received a telephonic report about a frog being found in a packet of wafers. Upon inspection, they found a squashed frog inside the packet. They are now collecting samples from the same batch of wafers for further investigation.

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