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Non-Veg Food Served Instead of Veg: Rajkot Man Finds Goat Meat in Veg Biryani and Kabab from Mumbai Zayka Restaurant

Rise in Online Food Ordering Leads to Mix-up: Rajkot Customer Receives Non-Veg Instead of Veg

The trend of ordering food online is on the rise. Recently, a customer in Rajkot who ordered vegetarian food received non-vegetarian food instead. The customer filed a complaint with the municipal corporation, and an investigation revealed that the mistake was due to an error by Zomato. The municipal health department made Zomato and the restaurant provide written assurances to prevent such mistakes in the future. Additionally, the health department inspected the restaurant and destroyed 6 kilograms of inedible stock.

Customer Files Complaint with RMC

According to details, on Saturday night, a person named Gaurav Singh ordered veg biryani and veg kebabs. Instead, he received non-vegetarian food from a restaurant named Mumbai Zayka. Gaurav Singh filed a complaint with the health department of the Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC). Following this, the municipal team questioned both Zomato and the restaurant owner. The manager of Zomato defended by stating that the restaurant sells both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, which led to the mix-up. It was found that in an online chat with the restaurant owner, Zomato admitted to their mistake.

Despite Eating Just One Spoonful, I Vomited

Customer Gaurav Singh stated that he had ordered veg biryani and veg kebabs via Zomato. However, the delivered items were non-vegetarian. The biryani contained bones and goat meat, and the kebabs were also non-veg. Unaware of this, he took one spoonful but soon realized that the food was not vegetarian. Despite eating just one spoonful, he started vomiting. He recorded a video of the food and filed a police complaint with necessary evidence, including screenshots of his order. He emphasized that such mistakes could offend religious beliefs, and he demanded strict action against Zomato.

Such Mistakes Should Not Happen

Restaurant owner Sameer Qureshi stated that his Mumbai Zayka restaurant is non-vegetarian and they hold a non-veg food license. Despite this, Zomato sent an order requesting veg biryani and veg kebabs. After delivering the order, he informed Zomato about the issue, and the company admitted their mistake. He acknowledged that this is a serious error and such mistakes should not happen.

6 Kilos of Inedible Items Found in Restaurant

Municipal Health Officer Dr. Jayesh Vankani stated that upon learning about the incident, the team contacted Zomato. The company explained that the restaurant supplies both veg and non-veg items, which led to the mix-up. During the investigation at the restaurant, 6 kilos of inedible items were also destroyed. Although the health department cannot take action specifically for serving non-veg instead of veg, a commitment letter was taken from both the restaurant and Zomato to ensure such mistakes do not recur.

Zomato Defends the Mistake

Zomato defended the error by stating that the restaurant offers both veg and non-veg food. However, the restaurant owner claimed they only sell non-veg food. Despite this, the restaurant was listed in the veg category with a green symbol on the Zomato app, leading a strictly vegetarian customer to consume non-veg food. The customer is now pursuing legal action against Zomato. It remains to be seen when and what justice will be served in this matter.

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