Unique Dishes, Horse Shows and Artificial Waves: Moscow’s Festival Surprises for Indian Guests

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The capital of Russia, which is famous for its sightseeing, can amaze a tourist not only with its rich cultural heritage but also with its extensive festivities. With dozens of thematic festivals held in Moscow on an annual basis, the city guests can get acquainted with the Great Russian culture and find entertainment for any taste. The Russian capital has an abundance of metropolitan gastronomic festivals. One of the most popular among tourists is “Tastes of Russia” which takes you on a unique journey of getting acquainted with national cuisines from 76 regions of the country. Depending on the season, Moscow also hosts fish weeks, Maslenitsa, the New Year’s and Easter’s fairs.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Moscow During the Festive Season

Breakfasts are a particular special tradition for Muscovites. Some people prefer a quick bite on the way to work or combine it with a business meeting, while others prefer a quiet breakfast with their friends or family. From season to season, the Moscow City Tourism Committee holds various festivals in the city during which restaurateurs offer unique morning sets, including the obvious scrambled eggs, and sausages, as well as treats from a wide variety of countries – cheesecakes, Indian halva, Turkish coffee and so on.

The capital hosts a range of thematic festivals: in the summer you can dive into the atmosphere of different eras and see the most important events from Russian history at the “Times and Epochs” festival. During the “Flower Jam“, a festival of urban landscape design, Moscow turns into a fairy-tale city filled with picturesque artworks made of flowers depicting out-of-the-ordinary photos, water gardens for serene relaxation, and many more creative sites. The city’s climate plays a big advantage here: in winter you can admire the domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral covered in snow, and in summer, enjoy the warm weather which is ideal for water sports. Moreover, there are many events available in Moscow for lovers of outdoor activities. At festivals, you can learn something new or even improve your existing skills. Huge skating rinks are particularly popular at winter festivals where you can go ice skating and in the summer you can ride an artificial wave or spin in a wide variety of open-air dances.

One more interesting autumn event for those who just want to watch and enjoy the show is the Month on Horseback Festival where the the riders from the Kremlin Riding School never fail to captivate everyone with their performances. These riders, who are famous for their training: at a gallop, perform complicated acrobatic and gymnastic stunts.

Recently, one of the citys biggest festivals Moscow Urban Forum (MUF), packed with concerts, fairs, excursions, sporting events and parties, was held in Moscow. For the first time, the MUF connected several large venues in the capital such as Luzhniki Stadium, Zaryadye Park, the Manege Exhibition Hall and Gostiny Dvor, at once. A particularly charming program was presented at the Luzhniki Stadium, where over 350 events were held on a daily basis. A gastronomic festival, circus acts with performances by bears, a film city and fashion shows were a few of the many events that surprised even the most tasteful travellers. At the gastronomic courtyard, guests could also taste pilaf, baked ham, pate with figs and pistachios and other delicacies. With the event, guests also got a chance to learn more about Moscow. They explored how the city has transformed over the past 12 years in the interactive pavilion called “Cube“, and got acquainted with Moscow’s virtual twin city in the information technology pavilion. Moreover, during all days of the forum, there was a mobile tourist information centre where tour guides answered guests’ questions about the capital city, helped to build routes, and conducted small free excursions.

Moscow’s festivities have become an integral element of the urban environment; it is an excellent chance to explore the very soul of the city and get to know Russian culture better.

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