Hyundai Introduces Twin-Cylinder Technology in CNG Cars: Addresses Boot Space Concerns, Competes with Tata CNG Cars

Hyundai Motors India Prepares to Launch CNG Cars with Twin-Cylinder Technology

Hyundai Motor India is gearing up to launch its CNG cars equipped with Twin-Cylinder technology, similar to Tata’s. The company recently filed a new trademark for dual-cylinder technology. Alongside, Hyundai currently offers factory-fitted single-cylinder CNG kits with models like the Grand i10 Nios, Aura, and Exeter. This decision will see Hyundai competing with South Korea’s Hyundai Motors’ i-CNG cars, featuring Tata Motors’ twin-cylinder technology. Hyundai has also filed trademarks this year for the names Hy-CNG and Hy-CNG Duo. Lower-end models will receive the Hy-CNG single-cylinder kit, while premium cars will feature the Hy-CNG Duo twin-cylinder kit.

Tata Motors’ Exclusive Use of Dual-Cylinder CNG Technology in India

Tata Motors is currently the only company in India utilizing dual-cylinder CNG technology, which it unveiled earlier this year. This technology is currently available in the CNG variants of models such as the Altroz, Tiago, Punch, and Tigor.

Solving the Problem of More Boot Space

In dual-cylinder technology, instead of one large cylinder, two smaller CNG cylinders are installed in the car’s boot space. This increases the boot space in traditionally designed CNG cars that carry a larger single cylinder. Meanwhile, single-cylinder CNG cars often struggle with limited boot space. Consequently, this poses challenges for storing luggage during long trips, a problem mitigated by dual-cylinder technology. Hyundai Motor India has not yet provided any substantial information on this matter.

Grand i10 Nios: The Most Affordable CNG Car

Currently, the Grand i10 Nios from Hyundai stands as the most affordable CNG car in their Indian portfolio, starting at ₹7.68 lakh. The Aura CNG ranges between ₹8.31 lakh and ₹9.05 lakh, while the Exeter CNG is priced from ₹8.43 lakh to ₹9.16 lakh. It remains to be seen whether Hyundai will introduce new features or expand the CNG lineup with more variants alongside their dual-cylinder technology cars.

Market Dominance of Maruti and Hyundai’s CNG Cars

Currently, Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai Motor India dominate the Indian market with factory-fitted CNG cars. Tata Motors is now aggressively competing with their CNG models (Altroz, Tiago, Punch, and Tigor). Maruti offers factory-fitted CNG kits in models such as S-Presso, Celerio, WagonR, Eeco, Alto, and Ertiga. Meanwhile, Hyundai recently launched the Exeter CNG option alongside the Grand i10 and Aura.

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