Apple Acknowledges iPhone-15 Pro Heating Issue, Promises Quick Fix

Finally… Apple Acknowledges Heating Issues in iPhone 15 Pro Series

Apple has acknowledged heating problems in the iPhone 15 Pro series, attributing it to increased background activity that can lead to overheating. They have discovered an issue in iOS 17 that has affected some users, and a software update will be rolled out to address this problem.

Apple has held Instagram, Uber, and third-party apps like Asphalt 9 responsible for heating issues in the iPhone 15 Pro series. Forbes reports that Instagram released an update on September 27th to address the heating problem.

The Issue is Not Titanium Body-related

Contrary to initial concerns, the heating issue in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max is not related to the titanium body. Apple has not held the titanium body responsible for the heating issue.

iPhone 15 Series Launched on September 12th

Apple launched the iPhone 15 series at its Wanderlust event on September 12th. In India, the iPhone 15 Pro is available in a 128 GB variant priced at ₹1,34,900, and the Pro Max comes in a 256 GB variant priced at ₹1,59,900.

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