Microsoft CEO Accuses Google of Billions to Apple for Search Engine Monopoly

Microsoft’s CEO expressed disappointment in the US court on Monday (October 2nd) regarding Google’s dominance in the search market. During the antitrust case hearing against Google, Nadella stated that Google’s search dominance has made it very challenging for other companies to compete in the search engine market. Notably, Nadella also pointed out issues with Google’s business practices.

Google Offers Compensation to Keep Apple from Creating a Search Engine Monopoly

In a Washington, D.C. courtroom, Satya Nadella accused Google of compensating Apple and other companies unlawfully to maintain a monopoly on search. Microsoft’s Bing has been trying to gain market share from Google since 2009.

Microsoft’s Bing Unable to Compete Directly with Google Search

Nadella stated that Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, cannot effectively compete head-to-head with Google. One major reason is that Apple and other companies have partnerships with Google. Nadella told Google’s lawyer, “You can say it’s popular, but it’s not powerful for me.”

Preparing to Compensate Apple to Keep Bing as the Default Search Engine

Nadella mentioned, “It’s harder to grow when you don’t have a market share,” emphasizing that distribution is the key to a successful search engine. Google is ready to compensate Apple to keep Bing from becoming the default search engine on iPhones. The fear is that if Google loses its default status, it will hurt Google’s market dominance. Google has many popular services like Gmail and YouTube. Using applications, Google promotes downloads for its Chrome browser, even on iPhone, which could influence Apple’s Safari browser.

What is the Google Antitrust Case?

According to reports, the US Department of Justice has filed a case against Google, alleging that it pays Apple and other companies to ensure that more users use Google’s search engine. This has led to Google’s dominance in the search engine market. The antitrust case against Google has been ongoing for the last three months. This three-month trial is the biggest antitrust case against a major tech company in the US. This division had previously filed two lawsuits against Microsoft, targeting its Windows operating system’s dominance, many years before similar actions were taken against Google.

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