Netrack Glows Again in the Spotlight in BICSI India and CIO Klub’s CIO Conclave

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BICSI India, a leading organization that promotes excellence in the ICT industry, has marked a significant milestone as it celebrates its 20th successful year in 2023. To commemorate this achievement, BICSI India hosted its Annual Conference and Satellite Seminars in Bengaluru on September 22nd, 2023, expecting to draw over 500 delegates from various segments of the ICT community. The conference promised a rich lineup of topics, a full-day conference with lunch, and an extensive exhibition showcasing the latest innovations in the field.

Netrack Glows Again in the Spotlight in BICSI India and CIO Klubs CIO Conclave

Netrack unveiled cutting-edge data center solutions at BICSI Conference in Bangalore

Being synonymous with innovation and reliability in the data center industry, wowed attendees at the BICSI Conference with its state-of-the-art offerings designed to address the evolving needs of data center professionals.

The highlight of Netracks exhibition was its premium ultra-rigid high-density data center cabinet. Engineered to provide the utmost durability and flexibility, this cabinet is poised to meet the demands of modern data centers that require efficient space utilization, scalability, and ease of maintenance. With Netracks high-density cabinet, organizations can optimize their data center footprint without compromising performance.

In addition to the high-density cabinet, Netrack showcased a range of accessories tailored for airflow management. Proper airflow management is crucial for maintaining the optimal operating conditions within data centers. Netracks accessories enhance cooling efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and ensure consistent performance across data center infrastructure.

Moreover, Netrack demonstrated its commitment to intelligent data center solutions by incorporating cutting-edge technologies into its racks. Attendees at the conference got a firsthand look at Netracks NRSe, an intelligent power monitoring system. NRSe enables real-time power consumption monitoring, ensuring efficient resource allocation and proactive management of power-related issues. By leveraging intelligent power monitoring, data center operators can enhance energy efficiency and minimize downtime risks.

Netracks presence at the BICSI Conference exemplifies the companys dedication to empowering data center professionals with innovative solutions that streamline operations, improve performance, and reduce costs.

Netrack impresses with gold sponsorship and expert presentation

The CIO Conclave, organized by CIO Klub, Indias largest non-profit association of CIOs, took place this September and exemplified a vision where technology transcends boundaries, industries, and limitations. The event aimed to unite the brightest minds in technology to foster collaboration and drive innovation by sharing knowledge, generating ideas, and forging partnerships. The event drew an impressive gathering of CIOs, technology providers, and OEMs, providing a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Here, Netrack opted for gold sponsorship, and the event offered a 15-minute speaking slot. Netrack embraced this opportunity where Krishnaraj and Mr Suresh Kumar, the Regional Manager for Kerala at Netrack, impressed the CIO audience of over 200 attendees with insights into Netracks innovative data center solutions. Mr. Suresh Kumar also expressed his enthusiasm for the event.

During his presentation, Krishnaraj highlighted Netracks commitment to providing innovative and reliable data center solutions. He emphasized the importance of optimizing data center infrastructure for efficiency, scalability, and sustainability and discussed how Netracks products align with these principles. The presentation resonated with the CIOs and other IT professionals in attendance, sparking conversations around the need for robust data center infrastructure in todays technology-driven world.

Krishnarajs presentation showcased Netracks product offerings and underscored the companys dedication to supporting IT professionals and helping them stay at the forefront of technological innovation.

About Netrack

Netrack, a pioneer in data center solutions, made a significant impact at the recent BICSI Conference in Bangalore by showcasing its premium ultra-rigid high-density data center cabinet, essential accessories for airflow management, and intelligent solutions integrated into the rack. Netrack also played a pivotal role in promoting innovation and collaboration at the CIO Klubs CIO Conclave. This premier event brought together top IT decision-makers, technology providers, and OEMs in Keralas dynamic digital landscape.

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