Revamping Fleet Security: Fleetx Enhances Safety with AI Video Dashcams Addition

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Fleetx, a leader in innovative logistics automation solutions, today talked with us about their successful market launch and adoption of their video telematics solution. Launched in December, last year, this solution is designed to provide real-time insights into driver behavior, enhances security, and ensures cargo safety, while also serving as indisputable proof during accidents using AI & IoT.

Udbhav Rai

Fleetx Video Telematics compromises of a dual camera system with optional 3rd cargo camera, combining in cabin camera and a front facing road camera. This powerful combination offers a comprehensive view of both the in cabin & on road activity. You can watch videos of the complete trip or set customised alerts for unwanted driver behaviours and watch videos for time stamps you get alerted for.

Key features of video telematics include:

Driver Behavior Monitoring: The in-cabin camera detects and sends alerts for various driver behaviors, such as talking on the phone, excessive yawning, or unsafe driving patterns. This real-time data allows fleet managers to identify and address potentially dangerous habits promptly.

Speed Monitoring: Fleetx Video Telematics provides real-time overspeeding alerts, helping fleet managers promote safer driving practices and reduce the risk of accidents caused by excessive speed.

Driver Coaching: With access to comprehensive data on driver behavior, fleet managers can offer targeted coaching and training, to enhance the overall performance and safety of their drivers.

Cargo Safety: With the Cargo Camera and 24/7 monitoring options, fleetx’s solutions can ensure cargo safety and strict eye on incidents of tampering and theft.

Enhanced Security: Fleetx Video Telematics enhances driver security by providing real-time insights into their surroundings. This added layer of security protects drivers against theft and unforeseen circumstances.4

Accurate Accident Documentation: In the unfortunate event of an accident, the video footage captured by Fleetx Video Telematics serves as a reliable record of the incident, making insurance claims and accident investigations more efficient and Fleetx Co founder Udbhav Rai expressed his excitement about this new product, stating, “Video Telematics & Monitoring has become a lifesaver for several industries today and with the increased push by Indian Govt to ensure good driver behaviour, a platforms like ours hold the key to ensure efficient supply chain operations.

The launch of Fleetx Video Telematics aligns with Fleetxs commitment to innovation and its mission to make Logistics Automation smarter, safer, and more efficient.

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