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Say Goodbye to Long Emails: Gmail’s New AI Feature Summarizes for You

Gmail has introduced a special feature for its users. With its help, you can easily read long emails. This feature in Gmail provides an option to give a summary of large emails, so users don’t have to read long emails, and this service also helps save time.

Google is rolling out this service in Gmail for both Android and iOS, making it especially available for paid users as well.

How Will the Gmail AI Feature Work?

9-to-5 Gmail has shared a screenshot of this new AI feature, showing that it will not work in single-thread emails. To use it, you must have replied to the mentioned email at least twice. Only then will the AI feature button appear.

While providing summaries, this feature will ensure that no important points from your significant emails are missed. As soon as users click on the summarize button, a summary in the form of bullet points will be prepared and presented in front of you within seconds.

The company has started rolling out this feature. In the coming days, this feature will be fully visible on your phone.

Users Will Benefit from the New Side Panel Feature

Google has also introduced a new side panel feature in Gmail. It will work on Gemini 1.5 Pro. This AI-powered panel can summarize email threads, help you respond, and assist in drafting emails.

It will also help in searching for information within the inbox or from Google Drive files and emails. This new feature can prepare new slides, create custom images, and summarize data. You can access it by clicking on the Gemini sparkle icon in the top-right corner.

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