Vodex Launches Vodex 2.0, Leveraging Generative AI for Businesses Worldwide

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Bangalore-based SaaS company, Vodex, today proudly announced the launch of its upgraded Generative AI solution for outbound calls in a human voice, Vodex Version 2.0, aimed at transforming B2C businesses worldwide. With this groundbreaking technological advancement, Vodex has the power to restructure the $300-billion call center industry via its Generative AI technology, enabling businesses to engage their customers through real human-like voices over phone calls, setting a new standard in customer interaction.

Launched in the year 2022, Vodex is a GenAI-powered outbound calling solution in a human voice built for the businesses of today, offering consistent scalable customer engagement over phone calls. The platform supports almost 96 languages to support customer interaction in an outbound call scenario. Vodex can be used for lead qualification, sales and marketing calls, abandoned cart calls, appointment confirmation calls, customer feedback and many other use cases. Vodex can even send SMS and WhatsApp messages autonomously and can transfer calls to human agents when required disrupting the way businesses are going to be done in the times to come.

Within a short span of time since its inception, Vodex has been able to assist over 10 businesses in India and over 21 businesses in North America for a booked order of over $750 K in a $300-billion call center market.

On the launch of Vodex 2.0, Anshul Shrivastava, Founder and CEO of Vodex, said,“With Vodex 2.0, we are ushering in a new era of B2C businesses. Our mission is to empower businesses with cutting-edge technology that not only saves them money and time but also enhances their revenue potential. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of this transformation.”

Unlike its competitors, Vodex uses Advance Generative AI Technology, multilingual capabilities, integration with third party tools like CRMs, human-like interaction, scalability, faster outreach, as well as cost effective pricing to overcome challenges of Data Privacy and Security, Scalability, and integration for B2C segment. The upgraded version will have:

SUPPORTS 96 LANGUAGES – English to Spanish take your pick.

REAL TIME CALL TRANSFER – Interested Customer Transfer the call to your agents.

SMS INTEGRATION – Send a message after the call.

REAL TIME ANALYTICS – Customer said yes I am interested or no I am not – data available immediately after the call.

END TO END GENERATIVE AI – Completely Generative AI based conversations.

VOICEMAIL DETECTION – Leave a message or cut the call both options are available.

Kumar Saurav, Co-founder & CTO, Vodex explains,“Our commitment to innovation sets us apart. Vodex 2.0 incorporates advanced Generative AI technology, multilingual capabilities, seamless integration with third-party tools like CRMs, human-like interactions, scalability, faster outreach, and cost-effective pricing. Weve addressed the challenges of data privacy and security, integration, and scalability head-on to deliver an unparalleled solution for the businesses worldwide.

Since its launch just one year ago, Vodex already eyeing a 1Mn dollar worth of orders in this year itself Vodex has ambitious plans, eyeing a revenue target of over $10 mil by next year year-end.

About Vodex

Vodex is a Bangalore-based SaaS platform specializing in Generative AI outbound calling solutions for B2C businesses. Founded in 2022, Vodex has quickly become a leader in the industry, delivering cutting-edge technology to enhance customer engagement and drive revenue growth. With Vodex 2.0, the company is set to revolutionize B2c businesses, setting new standards in efficiency and profitability.

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