Kriti Sanon Dating Sakshi Dhoni’s Cousin: Kabir, Son of Millionaire Kuljinder Bahia

There is a discussion about actress Kriti Sanon these days as she is reportedly dating Kabir Bahia, who is based in the UK. The actress had recently shared some pictures of Holi celebrations, sparking discussions on social media about her relationship with Kabir.

Caught Walking Hand in Hand in London:

She was seen walking hand in hand with a mystery man in London. Previously, a photo of Kriti from her London trip had also gone viral where she was seen holding hands with a mystery man. Speculations are rife that the person was Kabir.

Know Some Special Things Related to Kabir:

According to reports, Kabir is 24 years old. He was born in 1999 in Somerset, England. Kabir is the son of UK-based millionaire Kuljinder Bahia. Kuljinder is the founder of the UK-based travel agency Southall Travel. Kabir is related to cricketer MS Dhoni’s family. He is the brother of Sakshi Dhoni’s father. Kabir has played cricket at the school level and often shares photos with cricketers on social media.

Introduced by Sister Nupur:

Even before this, Kriti and Kabir had met at many parties. According to media reports, Kriti’s sister Nupur Sen introduced the actress to Kabir.

Met for the First Time during Kriti’s Dubai Vacation Last Year:

They both met for the first time at a party organized during Kriti’s Dubai vacation last year in November-December. MS Dhoni also attended this party with his wife Sakshi. Kriti’s sister Nupur and her boyfriend Steven Ben Dhoni also share a close relationship with Sakshi. It was Nupur who introduced Kriti to Kabir’s brother Sakshi’s father.

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