Milind Gaba’s Latest Album Song ‘Fragrance’ Released: Remixing Without Harming the Original – A Special Title

Famous Punjabi singer Milind Gaba has released his new album ‘Fragrance.’ Besides being an exceptional Punjabi vocalist, Milind is also a rapper, actor, and composer. He made his singing debut in 2014 with ‘4 Men Down’ and has since delivered hits like ‘Aise Na Dekh,’ ‘Yaar Mod Do,’ and ‘Nazar Lag Jayegi,’ making him immensely popular in Northern India, especially Punjab.

Milind Gaba has lent his voice to the title tracks of Hindi films ‘Welcome Back’ and ‘Dilliwaali Zaalim Girlfriend.’ Recently, he released a new track ‘Wapas Na Aayenge,’ which is part of his ‘Fragrance’ album. In a special conversation with Divya Bhaskar, Milind Gaba shared insights about his songs and his professional journey.

Milind had Requested the name “Fragrance” for his New Album.

During the interview, when asked why he chose the name “Fragrance,” he explained that he wanted this name for his songs, even though it had been used in other songs previously. He mentioned, “I love people who have a fragrance as good as the one that comes from the heart.

Changing the Style of ‘Breakup’

When asked about his song ‘Wapas Na Aayenge’ during the interview, Milind Gaba stated, ‘This song is not a sad song, but a warning that enough is enough. We believe in moving forward and not looking back. We will live life our way. This song was composed by Adil Sheikh and released by Bhushan Kumar.

Creating a remix should not harm the original song.

When asked about his perspective on remixes during his recent interview, Milind Gaba commented, ‘It’s essential to do justice to the song. Until the soul of the song resonates in the right place, everything is fine. But if you try to alter the song in any way just to make it trendy, that’s not right.’

He also mentioned his favorite remixes of ‘Keheta Hai Pal Pal Tumse’ and ‘Nazar Lag Jayegi’ during the conversation.

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