Freshworks CEO Reserves 2,200 Tickets to Treat Employees to Rajinikanth’s Latest Film “Jailer”

Freshworks Inc’s CEO, Girish Mathrubootham, made a significant announcement on Wednesday, revealing that the organization has successfully secured a grand total of 2,200 cinema tickets distributed across seven distinct theaters. This extraordinary gesture was orchestrated to enable Freshworks’ dedicated employees to enjoy the cinematic masterpiece “Jailer,” featuring the legendary Rajinikanth. The film’s premiere took place on the auspicious date of August 10. Mathrubootham formally conveyed this information through his official X handle, which was previously recognized as Twitter. This admirable initiative underscores Freshworks’ unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of appreciation and engagement among its workforce.

In a concise and impactful statement on the microblogging platform, Freshworks Inc’s CEO, Girish Mathrubootham, communicated the remarkable achievement: “2200 tickets. 7 screens. Freshworks employees only.” This succinct declaration encapsulates the impressive endeavor undertaken by the company to exclusively provide its valued employees with the opportunity to experience the cinematic delight of “Jailer.” Mathrubootham’s announcement resonates with Freshworks’ commitment to prioritizing its workforce’s well-being and enjoyment, highlighting the organization’s dedication to creating a gratifying and unique work culture.

It is worth highlighting that this gesture is not an isolated incident on the part of Freshworks’ CEO. In a series of thoughtful actions that underscore his admiration for the iconic Rajinikanth, the CEO has previously treated his employees to screenings of Thalaivar’s films. In the year 2016, Mathrubootham, a self-proclaimed Rajinikanth aficionado, exhibited his devotion by granting leaves to Freshworks’ workforce, enabling them to partake in the cinematic experience of the much-anticipated “Kabali” movie on its opening day. This practice of extending special considerations was also observed in 2014, during the releases of the films “Lingaa” and “Kochadaiiyan,” when employees were provided with similar opportunities to indulge in cinematic enjoyment. These instances not only spotlight Mathrubootham’s ardent fandom but also emphasize Freshworks’ enduring commitment to valuing its employees’ interests and cultivating a harmonious and enriching work environment.

According to a report published by Sacnilk.com, the movie “Jailer” has garnered an impressive advance booking figure of over ₹19 crores. Notably, the film’s substantial popularity is evident in its remarkable performance at the box office. In the domestic market, “Jailer” has achieved a noteworthy earnings of ₹12.8 crore, highlighting its strong reception among Indian audiences. Further contributing to its commendable success, the movie has generated an additional ₹6.64 crore through the sale of 37,000 tickets in the United States, as reported by esteemed trade analyst Manobala Vijayan. These impressive numbers not only underscore the film’s widespread appeal but also demonstrate its significant financial achievements both within India and in international markets.

The cinematic offering heralds the much-anticipated return of Rajinikanth to the silver screen after a hiatus of two years. The palpable excitement surrounding this momentous event was palpable as a substantial multitude of fervent fans flocked to cinema halls in both Kerala and Tamil Nadu on Thursday. This enthusiastic turnout stands as a testament to the enduring popularity and influence of Rajinikanth, further underscoring the significant impact his cinematic presence holds within these regions.

“Jailer” presents itself as a riveting and action-packed cinematic experience, boasting an exceptional ensemble of renowned talents. The stellar cast of the film features Priyanka Mohan, Shiva Rajkumar, Tamannaah Bhatia, Ramya Krishnan, Yogi Babu, Vasanth Ravi, and Vinayakan in prominent and integral roles. This carefully curated selection of accomplished actors contributes to the film’s dynamic narrative and promises to captivate audiences with their performances. The convergence of these esteemed individuals within the film augments its appeal and sets the stage for a truly engaging and unforgettable cinematic journey.

Within the cinematic framework of “Jailer,” Rajinikanth masterfully assumes the role of a father to a dedicated police officer. The film ingeniously weaves a narrative that showcases the transformation of an ordinary individual into an adept wielder of both swords and firearms, skillfully eliminating malevolent characters. This thematic exploration serves to underscore the film’s action-driven essence while simultaneously illuminating the protagonist’s evolution into a formidable force against the backdrop of a gripping storyline. The portrayal of this compelling journey adds a layer of depth and intrigue to the overall cinematic experience, further contributing to the film’s multifaceted and enthralling narrative tapestry.

The palpable enthusiasm surrounding the film’s release has reached such fervent heights that corporate entities in both Chennai and Bengaluru have taken the exceptional step of declaring August 10th as a designated holiday for their employees. This unprecedented move, as previously reported by LiveMint, reflects the undeniable impact of the film’s anticipation, prompting businesses to recognize and accommodate the widespread eagerness to partake in the cinematic spectacle. This decision not only underscores the cultural significance of the movie but also underscores the unique manner in which it has engendered a collective sense of celebration and shared experience within these professional communities.

“Jailer” stands as a significant milestone in Rajinikanth’s cinematic journey, marking his triumphant return following his last appearance in the 2021 film “Annaatthe.” While “Annaatthe” was met with considerable expectations, it regrettably fell short of achieving the projected box office dominance that often accompanies the presence of the seasoned superstar. Nevertheless, “Jailer” emerges as an exciting and eagerly awaited offering that holds the promise of rekindling Rajinikanth’s impact on the cinematic landscape. As audiences eagerly embrace his return in this new venture, the film’s anticipation is further magnified by the desire to witness the celebrated actor back in action following the experiences of “Annaatthe.”

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