OMG 2 Trailer: Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi Unveil a Promising Glimpse into the Epic Saga of Lord Shiva

The much-anticipated trailer of the upcoming film “OMG 2,” featuring Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi in the lead roles, was released online on Thursday. Clocking in at three minutes, the trailer provides a glimpse into the intriguing storyline, centered around Tripathi’s character, who faces a harrowing situation when his son becomes a victim of cyberbullying.

The trailer begins by showcasing the emotional turmoil experienced by Tripathi’s character after a video of his son goes viral on the internet. Consequently, his son faces expulsion from school, leaving him grappling with the social stigma surrounding the incident. In a desperate bid to seek a resolution to this distressing situation, Tripathi’s character turns to the divine for help.

In a remarkable turn of events, Akshay Kumar’s character emerges from the sacred waters of the Ganges, seemingly in response to Tripathi’s prayers. Portrayed as a divine entity, Akshay’s character takes it upon himself to assist Tripathi’s character in overcoming the challenges faced by his son. As the narrative unfolds, the film delves into the complexities of belief, faith, and the power of divine intervention in human lives.

The opening of the trailer of “OMG 2” explicitly clarifies that Akshay Kumar’s character is not portraying Lord Shiva but rather a messenger of god. This distinction seems to be a deliberate decision, possibly influenced by the guidelines set forth by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), as it differs from the previous film “OMG,” where Akshay essayed the role of Lord Krishna.

The film’s premise highlights the struggles faced by Pankaj Tripathi’s character, who finds himself entangled in a legal battle for his son’s welfare. Drawing parallels with the original movie, where Paresh Rawal’s character had to defend his case in court, “OMG 2” also follows a similar trajectory, with Tripathi’s character fighting for justice and resolution.

With just nine days remaining until its release, “OMG 2” has been embroiled in controversies that have seemingly affected the film’s promotional activities. The lack of promotional efforts by the makers has been evident, raising curiosity and concern among fans and industry observers.

One of the primary reasons for the film’s controversy lies in its purported subject matter, which reportedly deals with religious themes. Given the current political climate and the sensitivity surrounding religious topics, “OMG 2” was speculated to be a potential subject of scrutiny by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). Reports emerged, suggesting that the film had been referred to the CBFC’s revision committee for further evaluation and certification.

“OMG 2” has received an A (Adult) certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), indicating that the film is suitable only for adult audiences. However, the certification process did not go without its share of modifications and recommendations from the CBFC.

In light of the film’s sensitive subject matter, particularly its exploration of religious themes, the CBFC has provided the makers with a list of modifications to ensure compliance with the board’s guidelines and to address potential concerns related to nudity, explicit content, and the portrayal of certain locations.

The CBFC’s list of changes includes the removal of visuals depicting frontal nudity, in accordance with their guidelines on explicit content that may not be suitable for all audiences. Additionally, the board has requested the modification of visuals featuring what they describe as ‘sculptures of unnatural sex,’ possibly to avoid controversy and ensure cultural sensitivity.

“OMG 2” has found itself embroiled in controversy following objections raised by Mahesh Sharma, a priest associated with the Mahakaleshwar temple. Sharma has expressed concerns that certain scenes filmed at the temple might offend the religious sentiments of viewers. He has demanded that these scenes be removed from the film before its release.

The priest’s discontent seems to stem from the portrayal of scenes at the revered Mahakaleshwar temple in the film. As a place of religious significance, the temple holds immense importance to the devotees, and Sharma believes that any depiction in the film might not align with the sanctity and cultural values associated with the place of worship.

Sharma’s concerns are significant enough for him to call for the removal of these scenes to prevent any potential offense to the religious sentiments of the audience. In his statement to ANI, he also highlights the fact that the film has received an A certificate from the censor board, indicating adult content. Sharma’s demand for the removal of the scenes from the temple seems to be in line with the sensitivity required when portraying religious places and practices on screen.

“OMG 2” serves as a sequel to the highly successful film “OMG: Oh My God,” which featured Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal in prominent roles. In the original film, Akshay Kumar portrayed the character of Lord Krishna, while Paresh Rawal essayed the role of a man who challenges the belief in god and takes the divine to court.

“OMG 2” is eagerly anticipated to hit theaters on August 11, offering audiences a compelling cinematic experience. Alongside the talented duo of Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi, the film boasts an impressive ensemble cast, further heightening the excitement surrounding its release.

Yami Gautam, known for her versatile performances, is set to play a pivotal role in the film. Her inclusion adds an element of intrigue, and fans eagerly anticipate her on-screen chemistry with the leading actors.

The experienced actor Govind Namdev, known for his powerful portrayals in various films, is also part of the ensemble cast. His presence promises to lend depth and intensity to the film.

Notably, Arun Govil, renowned for his iconic portrayal of Lord Ram in the revered television series “Ramayan,” joins the cast of “OMG 2.” This casting decision holds special significance, given the film’s exploration of religious themes and the earlier association of Akshay Kumar with the character of Lord Krishna in the prequel.

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