Shah Rukh Khan Invests ₹200 Crores in Suhana’s Film: International Action Team Busy Preparing, Shooting to Commence in May

In recent days, Shah Rukh Khan has been actively involved in the production of the action film “King,” directed by Sujay Ghosh. This project marks a significant moment as it introduces his daughter Suhana Khan in a prominent role. Shah Rukh will produce the film under his banner Red Chillies Entertainment. 

According to media reports, Shah Rukh has invested a whopping ₹200 crores in the pre-production stage of this upcoming venture. This investment not only showcases his belief in the project but also highlights his dedication to fostering new talent within the industry. 

As anticipation builds around “King” and Suhana’s debut, audiences eagerly await further updates and look forward to witnessing the dynamic duo’s collaboration on the big screen.

Shahrukh's daughter Suhana will debut on the big screen with the action film 'King'

S.R.K. Engaged in Major Production Work for “King”

According to Bollywood reports, “King” is touted as Shah Rukh’s ambitious action film project. The team has been tirelessly working on the pre-production of this film for the past year. Shah Rukh Khan, known for his meticulous approach to filmmaking, is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that his daughter’s debut film receives the grand treatment it deserves. 

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Shah Rukh is actively involved in every aspect of the production, underscoring his determination to create a cinematic spectacle that will captivate audiences. As anticipation builds around “King,” the dedication of its team, led by Shah Rukh Khan, promises an exhilarating cinematic experience for viewers.

Makers to Enlist International Stunt Directors

According to sources, Siddharth Anand, the producer associated with “King,” is actively seeking to onboard several international stunt directors for the project. Collaborating with Shah Rukh Khan, Siddharth is dedicated to transforming this film into a global action thriller. 

He is currently collaborating with experts in international stunts to design adrenaline-pumping sequences for the film, aiming to enhance its realism through the use of VFX technology. This endeavor underscores the team’s commitment to delivering high-quality action sequences that will elevate the cinematic experience for audiences worldwide.

“King” Set to Release Next Year

The shooting for “King” will kick off this May, with producers aiming to wrap up filming within five months and schedule the release for the latter half of the upcoming year. 

Suhana, who made her OTT debut in the Netflix film “The Archies” last year, is set to make her OTT debut with “King”. In “The Archies,” she portrayed the character of Veronica and even lent her voice to a song.

Apart from 'King', Shah Rukh is also supervising his son Iron's directorial debut web series 'Stardom'

Shah Rukh to Begin Shooting for “Pathaan 2” in December

Apart from his projects, Shah Rukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan, is currently occupied with his directorial debut in the web series “Stardom,” where he is taking charge of directing duties. 

In “Stardom,” Shah Rukh and Aryan are collaborating closely, with Shah Rukh overseeing his son’s progress. Speaking of Shah Rukh’s own ventures, he was last seen in the December 2023 release “Dunki“. 

Now, towards the end of this year, Shah Rukh is expected to commence shooting for “Pathaan 2”.

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