Arjun-Bhumi’s Thrilling ‘The Lady Killer’ Trailer: Love, Murder, and Mystery! Nov 3 Release

The trailer of Arjun Kapoor and Bhumi Pednekar’s film ‘The Lady Killer’ has been released. Directed by Ajay Bahl, the story of this film revolves around a small-town playboy and a dangerous woman. Arjun and Bhumi are working together for the first time in this film.

In the beginning of the trailer, Arjun arrives at a royal bungalow of a Maharaja, where he meets Bhumi, with whom he falls in love. The story takes a twist when Bhumi is revealed to be a dangerous woman. The trailer also mentions a murder.

This film could be a turning point in Arjun’s career, as it is filled with thriller and suspense elements, along with a touch of romance. Users have liked this trailer a lot, and many social media users believe it could be a turning point in Arjun’s career.

Both Arjun and Bhumi have had several films in the past that didn’t perform well at the box office. In this situation, there are high expectations from this film directed by Ajay Bahl, which is set to release in theaters on November 3rd. Arjun has previously directed films like ‘Peepli Live,’ ‘Section 375,’ and ‘Bazaar.’

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