Tripti Dimri of ‘Animal’ Fame Embraces Zoya’s Role Without Judgment, Anticipates Viewer Shock

Actress Tripti Dimri, recognized for her notable portrayal of Zoya in the Ranbir Kapoor-led film ‘Animal,’ embarked on her acting journey in 2017. Her debut film was the Sridevi-starrer ‘Mom,’ marking the commencement of a promising career. Tripti subsequently featured in projects such as ‘Poster Boys,’ ‘Laila Majnu,’ ‘Bulbul,’ and ‘Kala,’ showcasing her versatility and commitment to diverse roles in the cinematic landscape.

Tripti Dimri is currently savoring the success of the film ‘Animal,’ while anticipation surrounds the release of her two upcoming films scheduled for the next year. In an exclusive interview with Divya Bhaskar, Tripti shared insights into her journey with the film ‘Animal.’ The following are the key highlights from the conversation.

Q: How were you approached for the role of Zoya by Sandeep Reddy Vanga or his team?

Ans: I received a call from T-Series. During our initial meeting, there was minimal discussion about the film or the character. Sandeep sir primarily inquired about my favorite films and shared some of his own experiences. Subsequently, he called me again the next day and elaborated on the role.

On that occasion, he was candid about the character’s slightly negative shade. He emphasized that portraying Zoya might evoke a sense of negativity from the audience. Sandeep sir explained that the challenge lay in conveying Zoya’s love for Ranvijay in her eyes while maintaining a hidden agenda in her heart for the hero. This aspect intrigued me, and I embraced it as a challenge.

With a determined mindset, the ensuing collaboration turned out to be nothing short of magical. Working with Sandeep Reddy Vanga was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Q: How does Tripti personally perceive her role as Zoya? Would others react similarly if caught in a situation like Zoya’s?

Ans: Personally, portraying Zoya was a disquieting experience for me. We engaged in extensive discussions with the director while shaping the character. This was crucial because Zoya, despite her seemingly innocent appearance, is tasked with a substantial responsibility, particularly when the hero is angered. Despite the risks, Zoya courageously takes on challenges.

Considering Zoya’s background and the perilous individuals she is associated with, I believe that if another girl were in a situation akin to Zoya’s, her options would be limited. In my perspective, I, as Tripti Dimri, developed a compassionate understanding for Zoya.

Moreover, as an artist, I adhere to a principle of not passing judgment on the characters I portray. The act of judgment can hinder the ability to authentically embody a character. Therefore, I sought answers to all my questions about Zoya from within myself.

Q: What preparations are underway for ‘Animal,’ and is the script finalized?

Ans: I am not privy to the details regarding the preparations for ‘Animal.’ It would be more appropriate for the director to provide insights into this matter. As of now, I am unaware of whether the script has been finalized or if the director has penned the story.

Q: Can you, or any strong girl, relate to a character like Zoya?

Ans: Absolutely, strong girls can resonate with a character like Zoya. The courage demonstrated by Zoya is a quality that only a resilient and bold individual possesses. Undertaking such perilous tasks is not something ordinary girls would have the audacity to do.

Furthermore, only a strong-willed girl can defy societal norms and reject a marriage proposal despite being in love with someone like Ranvijay. The ability to disclose the complete truth to the hero, regardless of potential consequences, is another testament to the strength of character that only a strong girl can exhibit. Taking such risks requires a level of inner strength that not everyone possesses.

Q: Do you have any reservations or questions about the story and character, or were you easily convinced?

Ans: Certainly, I had considerations, but my decision-making process was swift. The allure of the character intrigued me, and I made a commitment to myself early in my career to only undertake work that both satisfies and challenges me as an actor.

I am inclined to embrace roles that instill an initial sense of fear. After all, what is the point of portraying a straightforward character? While I anticipated the film to perform well, the extent of its success surpassed my expectations.

Initially, I had reservations about the length of my character in the film and whether I would be noticed. However, I was confident that viewers familiar with my previous work in ‘Kala’ and ‘Bulbul’ would be in for a surprise when they witnessed Zoya’s character unfold.

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