Anupama Fame Actress Rupali Ganguly Joins BJP, Hails Modi as a Star Leader

The TV show “Anupamaa” has made Rupali Ganguly a top actress in the industry. In this serial, Rupali Ganguly plays the role of “Anupamaa,” which has made her acting known in every household. During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, this show broke many records and became the “most-watched” and now the “most beloved” show among viewers. Due to this show, Rupali Ganguly is always in the limelight. Though it’s not clear yet whether she will contest the Lok Sabha elections in 2024, her entry into politics is the reason for her current discussions. Rupali Ganguly has joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

While it’s not yet clear whether she will contest in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, her joining the BJP has stirred up the political market. Actress Rupali has taken membership of the Bharatiya Janata Party at the party’s headquarters in Delhi. She mentioned that when she witnessed the grandeur of development, she felt that she should also participate in it. I need your blessings and support. Whatever I do should be appropriate and good.

Let’s get to know about Rupali:

Rupali Ganguly first worked in the show “Sarabhai vs Sarabhai.” After working in this show, the actress got a chance to see in “Sanjivani.” For her work in this show, she was even nominated for the Best Negative Role at the Indian Television Awards. Following this, Rupali Ganguly appeared in many shows like “Bhabhi,” “Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii,” “Bigg Boss 1,” and “Adaalat.” However, it was a spectacular show that she needed, which she got through “Anupamaa.”

Working in this show made her famous in every household, and she was on the path of fame. After this show, Rupali Ganguly’s name became synonymous with a top actress in the TV industry. This show has consistently been at the top of TRP ratings since 2020. For this show, Rupali Ganguly has also received the award for Best Actress.

Currently, Rupali is ruling the TV industry through the serial “Anupamaa.” She portrays the lead character of Anupamaa in the show. Fans adore her immensely. Rupali’s popularity is immense. She has over 2.9 million followers on Instagram, which means more than 20 million people follow her. Just yesterday, the actress celebrated her 47th birthday in Mumbai.

Rupali started her career at the age of 7. She first appeared in her father Anil Ganguly’s film “Saheb,” but she gained recognition in the television industry with the serial “Sanjivani” in 2003. She also participated in season 1 of “Bigg Boss” and has been a part of hit shows like “Sarabhai vs Sarabhai.” After working in the serial “Parvarrish” in 2013, she took a break for 7 years before returning to television with “Anupamaa.”

Rupali is a big fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She has often spoken about her admiration for him and even had the opportunity to meet him. Rupali shared her experience of interacting with PM Modi during an interview, expressing her immense respect and gratitude towards him. She mentioned that being a part of PM Modi’s “Vocal for Local” campaign was a proud moment for her and that she was deeply inspired by him. Rupali also expressed her hope that PM Modi would watch her show “Anupamaa,” especially since it is widely popular in Gujarat and has a large viewership in Ahmedabad. She believes that having PM Modi watch her show would be a significant moment for her, as she has always admired him and holds him in high regard.

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