Sini Shetty’s Emotional Reaction Goes Viral: Misses Top 4, Hugs Mother

Czech Republic’s Krystyna Pyszkova has won the Miss World 2023 title. Miss Lebanon, Yasmina Zaytoun, was the first runner-up. India’s Sini Shetty made it to the Top 8. Despite not winning the title, Sini was seen shedding tears of disappointment. Her eyes clearly showed how saddened she was by the loss. In such difficult times, Sini’s courage was uplifted by her family’s support. A video of her emotional moment went viral on social media.

In the video, she is seen crying and being comforted by her mother and close ones. Sini’s face was teary, with her smile hiding her tears. Besides her family, many users are also seen shedding tears while watching her emotional moment.

Users are giving their reactions to this video.

Users are also giving their reactions to Sini Shetty’s emotional video. One user wrote, “Sini made it to the Top 8. India is proud of her.” Another user wrote, “Reaching Miss World is no small achievement.” Another user praised Sini’s dance.

Sini Shetty made it to the Top 8 in Miss World

Sini Shetty made it to the Top 8. After the Top 8 round, there was a session of questions and answers. Sini was asked by the jury, “How can women empowerment work through social media?”

In her response, Sini said, “Today, social media plays a significant role in our lives. Social media has great power, it can bring change in society through discussions and awareness. I believe that today’s youth can bring change in the world through this medium. Through this, women empowerment can also be encouraged. Being on the Miss World platform, I assure you that with more use of social media, we can bring change in society.

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