Choosing Dinesh Karthik Could Lead to Major Loss? T20 World Cup: Big Warning for Team India!

Former cricketer was asked about Kartik’s preference during IPL matches. He had warned the Indian cricket team about it. He said that putting Kartik in the T20 World Cup team will be reconsidered. This means that they do not want Kartik to be in the World Cup team at any cost. There is a big reason behind this.

Dinesh Kartik’s Outstanding Performance in IPL 2024

During IPL 2024, Dinesh Kartik is in great form. In this season, he has been playing the role of a finisher for Royal Challengers Bangalore and has scored 251 runs in 8 matches with an average of 62. During this period, Kartik’s strike rate (196) was also outstanding. In such a situation, when Rohit Sharma jokingly mentioned him for the T20 World Cup, discussions started about his preference. After this, Kartik became serious and now he has expressed his desire to be a part of the World Cup. However, during this ongoing discussion, former Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Parthiv Patel has warned Rohit Sharma and BCCI.

What did Parthiv Patel say about Kartik’s Preference?

As a cricket enthusiast, Parthiv Patel was asked about Kartik’s preference for the T20 World Cup team on Jio Cinema during the analysis of IPL matches. Upon this, he had warned the Indian cricket team. He said that if the team plans to play in the T20 World Cup in America and the West Indies, then it will be reconsidered. This means that Parthiv Patel does not want Kartik to be included in the World Cup team at any cost.

Irfan Pathan Reveals Pant’s Role

Former 2007 T20 World Cup winner Irfan Pathan also mentioned that Kartik has been given full confidence. Now Rishabh Pant should be given a chance in his place. Let it be known that before this, Kartik had created a sensation with his bat in IPL 2022 season. In the 2022 season, Kartik scored 330 runs with a strike rate of 183, after which he was selected in the World Cup team. However, he could only score 14 runs in just 4 matches of the T20 World Cup. Kartik’s statistics prove why this cricket enthusiast’s opinion is so important for BCCI and Rohit Sharma.

Kartik has always been unsuccessful in the T20 World Cup

Dinesh Kartik has already played in three T20 World Cups. His performance in these three World Cups has been average. In IPL 2024, Kartik, who hit 19 sixes, has not been able to hit even one six in the T20 World Cup so far. Apart from this, he has played a total of 10 matches, in which he has scored only 71 runs. During the captaincy of Dhoni in the 2007 T20 World Cup, he had scored 18 runs in 4 matches. After that, he got a chance in 2010, where he could only score 29 runs in 2 matches, and in 2022, he scored only 14 runs. These statistics testify that although Kartik may perform well in the IPL, he has always been unsuccessful on the big stage.

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