ISRL Season-1 Final Race Today in Bengaluru: BigRock Motorsports Leads Among 6 Teams; Jordi Tixier Tops All-Stars Category

The third and final round of the Indian Supercross Racing League (ISRL) Season-1 is set to take place today in Bengaluru. Featuring 6 races across 3 categories – 250cc and 450cc bikes, the action kicks off at 2:45 PM. Saturday witnessed practice sessions for all teams in preparation for the intense competition.

The first round took place in Pune on January 28th, followed by the second round in Ahmedabad on February 11th. After two rounds, the BigRock Motorsports team currently leads the points table. Today presents the opportunity for the team to clinch the Season-1 title.

Racing Categories in ISRL Season-1

In the Indian Supercross Racing League (ISRL) Season-1, races are divided into three bike categories: 85cc, 250cc, and 450cc. Each race features two riders from a single team, making a total of 12 riders participating in each race.

  • 85cc Category: This category features races for children. Winners are not decided in this category; instead, it is organized to groom future riders.
  • 250cc Category: Races in this category are divided into two types: a mix race featuring riders from India and Asia, and an international race featuring riders from across the globe. Each category will have two races, totaling four races for the 250cc bikes.
  • 450cc Category: This category consists of a single race where international riders compete to position their teams at the top. Points from this category also count towards the final standings.
  • Additionally, there is an All-Stars Race where bikers from both the 250cc and 450cc categories participate together, adding to the excitement of the event.
Participation of 6 Teams in Season-1

Participation of 6 Teams in Season-1

Six teams are participating in Season-1 of the event, each comprising 8 riders. Among them, 4 are international riders from outside Asia, while the other 4 are racers from Asia, with a significant participation of riders from India. The six teams include BigRock Motorsports, Mohite’s Racing Team, BB Racing, SG Speed Racers, Gujarat Trailblazers, and Rise Motorsports.

BigRock Motorsports Leads the Standings

In the two races held so far, BigRock Motorsports team has maintained its position at the top of the standings. The team has amassed 388 points, while Mohite’s Racing Team follows closely behind with 336 points, securing the second position. With 278 points, BB Racing Team holds the third position.

In the individual categories, after two rounds, BigRock Motorsports’ Matt Moss leads the 450cc international category with 37 points. Likewise, their rider Reed Taylor leads the 250cc international category with 40 points. In the 250cc India-Asia category, Ben Hallgren from Mohite’s Racing Team leads with 37 points. Meanwhile, in the All-Stars category, Jordi Tixier from BB Racing Team sits at the top with 20 points.

Decision Day for Season Winners

Decision Day for Season Winners

Today, on Sunday, the final round of the Indian Supercross Racing League Season-1 will unfold at Chikkajala’s Open Ground in Bengaluru. Round-3 races will commence at 2:45 PM.

Demo Race: 

Starting at 2:45 PM, a race for the 85cc Junior category will be held, featuring participants under the age of 18. This is a demo race, with results not counting towards the points table.

Race Schedule:

  • Race-1: A race for the 450cc international category will start at 3:00 PM.
  • Race-2: The 250cc India-Asia mix category race will commence at 3:17 PM.
  • Race-3: At 3:28 PM, the 250cc international category race will take place.
  • Race-4: The second race for the 250cc India-Asia mix category will begin at 4:02 PM.
  • Race-5: Starting at 4:16 PM, the second race for the 250cc international category will unfold.
  • Race-6: At 4:31 PM, the second race for the 450cc international category will commence.
  • Race-7: The All-Stars race between 450cc and 250cc bikers will take place at 5:01 PM. This 8-minute race marks the final race of Season-1.

Excitement is at its peak as the champions of Season-1 are set to be crowned in these thrilling races.

BigRock Maintains the Lead in Pune Leg

The first round took place in Pune on January 11th, where BigRock Motorsports continued to dominate, securing the top position in the team category. BB Racing held the second position, with Mohite’s Racing Team securing the third spot.

In the individual categories, Jordi Tixier led the 450cc international race. Reed Taylor from BigRock topped the 250cc international category, while Thanarat Penjan claimed the top spot in the 250cc India-Asia category. Moreover, in the All-Stars race, Jordi Tixier maintained his lead, showcasing remarkable performance across the Pune leg.

Jordi Tixier of the BigRock team is on top in the Allstars and 450cc bike categories.

The World’s First Franchise Racing

ISRL stands as the world’s pioneering franchise racing league. Similar to the Indian Premier League (IPL) in cricket, the Indian Super League (ISL) in football, and the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) in kabaddi, ISRL marks the commencement of franchise-based racing in the realm of motorcycle sports. Season-1 encompasses three rounds of exhilarating competition. The first round took place in Pune on January 28th, followed by the second round in Ahmedabad on February 11th. Today, the third round unfolds in Bengaluru, marking another milestone in the evolution of franchise-based racing.

Bike racing franchise league started for the first time in India.

Participation of Prominent Racers

For the inaugural season’s action, a total of 120 racers from around the globe registered. The race featured 48 Indian and international riders. Notable names such as Matt Moss participated in the races.

Matt Moss is a nine-time Australian MX and SM champion. Lorenzo Camporesi is a four-time Italian Supercross champion. Among the Indians, Ragved Barguje, a three-time National Supercross champion, also participated, adding to the event’s prestige and excitement.

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