Amrita Pandey’s Depression Leads to Tragic Suicide

Bhojpuri actress Annapurna, also known as Amrita Pandey, has left a lingering mystery with her death. On Saturday evening (27th April), Amrita’s lifeless body was found in the Divyadham Apartment in Bhagalpur. It is said that Amrita committed suicide by hanging herself. There was speculation among people that she ended her life due to a land dispute, but a turning point came when her WhatsApp status was viewed. In her status, she had written, “She had two lives. We simplified her path by drowning our worries.”

This line speaks volumes, but no one is seeking to discuss this matter with Amrita’s family. The police are investigating the reason behind Amrita’s suicide. Earlier, Divya Bhaskar had a conversation with Amrita Pandey’s husband Chandramani Jhangare. He stated that Amrita had Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and her depression could have led to this tragic event.

Question: When was the last time you spoke with Amrita?

Answer: We talked in the morning around 9 AM on the day of the incident. It was a pleasant conversation.

Question: What was discussed during the event? Was anything mentioned that could have triggered or indicated a problem?

Answer: Nothing like that was said. We were only discussing our future plans. Binu didi’s wedding has just taken place. After the wedding, we planned our reception and everyone was happy. We were planning to have a child and were very happy about it.

Question: A program was scheduled in the apartment on April 18th. What conversation took place during that time?

Answer: It was a very nice time because it was related to the wedding. His elder sister Binu’s wedding was going on, and we attended it. We were very happy. The entire family was happy.

Question: Amrita posted a status at 10:16 AM. What does that mean?

Answer: The phrase “living two lives” means that she was living two lives because of her Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). It was such that she was controlling her own mind and the mind of others, and she became very frustrated. She had been on medication for five years. She used to tell us that she would be fine. There are two things inside her that she can only be freed from by destroying herself.

Question: She had attempted suicide twice before, did you feel anything at that time?

Answer: It didn’t feel like that at that time because I was with her. So, she survived. Then she had food poisoning. Many things were said. Thoughts about mom, thoughts about us, thoughts about the future. When I understood a lot, she said at that time – I will never do it again.

Question: Did you see her status?

Answer: I couldn’t see it.

Question: Who informed you of the incident?

Answer: The information about the incident was given by her elder sister. She called me when she was taken to the hospital. Because I was in the office. Then I got a call. She said she had done this.

Question: When did you meet her for the first time?

Answer: We met in 2017. When the shooting of Divanapan was going on. After that, we worked together on the film Divanapan. We were together. Then in 2022, we got married. This was not told to many people. We told the family about it so that it doesn’t affect her career. Then we got married and then we planned to return to Mumbai, but she said that my legament in the leg is a problem. I’ll get my surgery done here. So she got stuck and then she filled this madness.

Information Received Three Hours Later

People in the apartment received information three hours later. After the incident, neither did the family members inform the police nor the people living in the apartment. Nearly three hours later, people came to know about it. After that, someone informed the police. Upon receiving the news, the police immediately took action, seizing the saree, news articles, and other items, and continued their investigation. Amrita’s death has raised many questions.

Suicide or Murder? Why Didn’t Family Members Inform the Police?

Bhaskar’s team reached Amrita’s apartment but were stopped outside. According to police sources, family members are not openly saying anything. If it’s suicide, why are family members afraid? After learning about the incident, the deceased actress Amrita’s husband reached Bhagalpur, but why didn’t he perform the last rites?

Isolation from Media on Sunday

She had distanced herself from her community on Sunday. After the post-mortem, preparations for the last rites were made, but the husband did not reach the post-mortem house. On Sunday, Bhaskar’s team reached her house from the post-mortem house, but the apartment guard informed them that no journalist is allowed inside. Even after three days of the incident, family members say that Amrita was suffering from an illness and was in depression because of it. After this, she lost her senses.

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