Adani Group’s ‘Kutch Copper’ Begins Production: Plans to Produce 10 Million Tons of Copper Annually, Creating Jobs for 7,000

The Adani Group’s company ‘Kutch Copper’ has commenced production at the Mundra-based Greenfield Copper Refinery project. The company has already dispatched the first batch of cathodes from this refinery to customers. Along with this, the group has also made its debut in the metal industry.

The Adani Group has invested approximately $1.2 billion (around INR 10,008 crore) in this plant. The copper smelting plant is set to be completed in two phases, with an annual production capacity of 500,000 tons of copper in the first phase.

The world’s largest metal smelter is located at one single location. In addition, another plant with similar capacity (annual 5 million tons) will be set up. This means that with a total annual production capacity of 1 million tons, it will be the largest metal smelter in the world located at one single location.

The company has provided this information in its exchange filing today, Thursday, March 28. Kutch Copper has announced that this will open up options for direct and indirect employment for up to 2,000 and 5,000 people, respectively.

India imports 90% of its copper needs, with its copper production capacity rapidly increasing to compete with China and other countries. The country imports 90% of its copper demand from countries like South America and many others.

In the infrastructure and construction industry, approximately 40% of copper is used. In 2023, India had purchased around 1.3 million tons of copper from overseas sources, with expectations to increase to 2 million tons this year. According to the rating agency ICRA, the infrastructure and construction industry accounts for about 40% of copper usage. At the same time, copper usage is expected to increase from 11% to 13% in automobiles and consumer durables.

Kachchh Copper’ is engaged in manufacturing copper tubes. The company has also been working on the establishment of Kachchh Copper Tubes Limited. Here, the company will produce copper tubes for electrical appliances.

India’s dream of a self-reliant future will be realized – Gautam Adani Regarding the commencement of work at Kachchh Copper, the Group’s Chairman Gautam stated, “Kachchh Copper has started operations, and the Adani portfolio is not only limited to the metal sector but is also contributing to India’s strong and self-reliant future.”

The capacity to work on our implementation and major projects lies in the copper sector’s ability to take India to a global level. The contribution of the copper industry is crucial to realizing the dreams of carbon neutrality and green infrastructure by 2070.

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