Ahmedabad to Unveil India’s Biggest Mall at a Whopping Rs.4,000 Crores Investment!

Ahmedabad, near Gujarat, now boasts several world-record-holding structures and constructions. Following the world’s tallest statue and cricket stadium, Gujarat will soon be home to the country’s largest mall. The Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024, announced by the Lulu Group during their vibrant summit in Ahmedabad, will witness an investment of INR 4,000 crores for the construction of this massive mall.

The Lulu Group, originating from the UAE, is renowned for its malls in various Indian cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, and Lucknow. The announcement for a colossal investment of INR 4,000 crores in Ahmedabad was made during the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024.

Presently, the Palladium Mall and Ahmedabad One are the largest malls in Ahmedabad. The Alpha One Mall, constructed at a cost of INR 350 crores, stands at 12 lakh square feet. The Lulu Group stated that the construction of this new mall in Ahmedabad would commence in 2024 and is expected to be located on SP Ring Road.

The Lulu Group expressed its desire to build a mall in Ahmedabad during the Vibrant Summit. Yusuff Ali, the Chairman of the group, highlighted the significance of this announcement during the Vibrant Summit. The mall aims not only to provide a world-class shopping experience but also to become a global entertainment destination.

What to Expect in the Mall:

As a heritage city, Ahmedabad attracts visitors from around the world. The new mall will offer ample parking, multiple complexes, and enhanced facilities for public entertainment. The state government anticipates that the construction of this mall will fulfill the essential needs of the state’s largest city and economic center. The mall will host over 300 local and international brands in Gujarat’s largest mall.

Global Recognition for Ahmedabad Visitors:

The Lulu Group asserts that during events like the Vibrant Gujarat Summit and cricket matches at the Narendra Modi Stadium, this mall will become a central hub for entertainment. The food court in the mall is expected to be the largest, accommodating more than 3,000 people simultaneously, offering a variety of Gujarati and international cuisines. The planning includes 15 multiplexes for diverse entertainment options.

This international-level mall in Ahmedabad will allow residents to experience Bollywood and Hollywood films simultaneously. Equipped with modern technology, the mall aims to cater to the entertainment needs of both children and adults. Currently, it stands as the largest mall in the country, with over 225 outlets and more than 100 brands present. The food court can accommodate 2500 people.

Gujarat’s Grandeur:

  • World’s largest stadium – Ahmedabad
  • World’s largest office – Diamond Bourse, Surat
  • World’s tallest statue – Statue of Unity
  • Country’s largest mall – Coming soon

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