Air India Introduces Performance Management System for Non-Flying Staff

Air India, a renowned airline and a proud part of the Tata Group, is set to launch a cutting-edge Performance Management System (PMS) known as Rise.AI. This innovative system is designed to enhance the performance and productivity of Air India’s non-flying staff. Backed by the Tata Group’s vision and expertise, Rise.AI is scheduled to be implemented next week, signifying the airline’s commitment to fostering excellence and efficiency among its workforce.

In an internal email addressed to valued employees, Campbell Wilson, the Chief Executive Officer of Air India, announced the forthcoming introduction of Rise.AI – an innovative and fully digitized appraisal system. The implementation of Rise.AI is set to revolutionize our performance evaluation process, promoting fairness and transparency in assessing employee contributions. With meticulously defined job descriptions and well-crafted performance goals, our staff will gain a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, empowering them to align their efforts with organizational objectives and deliver exceptional outcomes.

Wilson emphasized that the Rise.AI platform would be intricately linked to the broader Vihaan.AI organizational goals.

In September 2022, Air India revealed an ambitious transformation plan named Vihaan.AI. This strategic initiative outlines a comprehensive five-year roadmap with the primary goal of capturing a minimum of 30% market share in both the domestic and international aviation segments. The name “Vihaan” derives its significance from Sanskrit, symbolizing the advent of a new era for the airline. By integrating the Rise.AI platform with the Vihaan.AI plan, Air India aims to embark on a transformative journey that will drive growth, efficiency, and excellence, propelling the organization towards a promising future in the aviation industry.

As an integral component of the comprehensive five-year roadmap, Air India is committed to achieving substantial expansion in its international routes. The airline’s strategic focus will be directed towards attaining sustainable growth, ensuring profitability, and securing a position of market leadership.

Air India recently commemorated the 119th birth anniversary of JRD Tata, fondly recognized as the Father of Indian Civil Aviation, by introducing a captivating new in-flight magazine named namaste.AI. This remarkable publication pays tribute to the visionary founder of Air India, JRD Tata, featuring an engaging cover story that delves into his extraordinary life and contributions to the aviation industry.

In an effort to enhance operational efficiency and streamline crew scheduling, Air India has implemented Jeppesen-produced rosters for its Boeing B787 fleet pilots and cabin crew. This technological advancement marks a significant milestone as it extends across the entire airline fleet.

Jeppesen, a US-based company and a subsidiary of Boeing, possesses a remarkable three-decade-long track record in providing crew planning solutions to airlines worldwide. With its extensive experience, Jeppesen has become a trusted partner for airlines seeking cutting-edge crew rostering solutions.

According to Campbell Wilson, the Chief Executive Officer of Air India, Jeppesen is tentatively scheduled to commence the production of B777 cockpit crew rosters in the second half of August. Additionally, the airline plans to implement Jeppesen-produced rosters for A320 cockpit crew starting in September. This strategic implementation is expected to further enhance crew management and optimize scheduling for these aircraft types, contributing to improved operational efficiency and productivity.

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