BELLAVITA’s Bold Brand Marketing Experiment in Consumer Psychology Challenges Status Quo

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BELLAVITA, a leading Indian fragrance brand, decided to challenge the status quo by embarking on a ground-breaking social experiment which explored the influence of price perception on consumer behaviour. The aim was to prove that quality and luxury can be made affordable. This captivating experiment took place at the elegant SITIO Bar in Gurgaon, where elite guests were in for a surprise.

BELLAVITAs Bold Marketing Experiment

BELLAVITA invited top socialites and lifestyle influencers of Gurugram to an exclusive launch of a fake luxury perfume brand called FRAGO Italia. Along with Wine and Cheese, the guests were given a first-hand experience of the fragrances from the to be launched brand, FRAGO Italia. The elegant packaging, supreme quality and high-end pricing attracted the guests, leading them to make purchases. Feedback from the guests was overwhelmingly positive, with praise for the quality and presentation of the products.

But heres where the experiment took an unexpected turn. BELLAVITA unveiled the truth. All Frago Italia perfumes were actually BELLAVITA perfumes with masked labels of FRAGO Italia for which the guests had paid 10 times the actual price of BELLAVITA perfumes. The guests were astonished to learn that the fragrances they had purchased were available at a price of Rs. 599/-. As compared to amounts exceeding Rs. 5,000/- which they had paid for their purchases. It was a revelation that challenged their preconceived notions about luxury and affordability.

The guests who had made purchases were not only refunded their money but also received the products as a token of appreciation from BELLAVITA. Their reactions ranged from disbelief to amazement, realising that they had been part of an experiment that highlighted the power of branding and perception.

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Commenting on the innovative experiment, Ashutosh Taparia & Lovkesh Kapoor from Ananta Capital, the sole investors & strategic partners of BELLAVITA, expressed their thoughts, “This experiment serves as a thought-provoking exploration of how people perceive luxury and how branding and positioning can influence consumer choices, We at Ananta Capital are absolutely pleased to see how BELLAVITA has disrupted the Indian fragrance market and has become the largest perfume brand in the country.”

Sharing his thoughts on the experiment, Aakash Anand, Founder, BELLAVITA said, “The aim was twofold: to investigate the true essence of luxury by studying how branding alone can transform an everyday product into a perceived luxury item, leading consumers to pay a premium cost. Additionally, the experiment aimed to demonstrate that luxury and quality can be accessible at an affordable price. The results were eye-opening, as BELLAVITA successfully positioned its fragrances at a price ten times their actual value while still achieving remarkable sales.”

BELLAVITAs bold experiment in fragrance marketing shattered conventional beliefs about luxury and affordability. By rebranding themselves as FRAGO Italia, they demonstrated the power of branding and perception in consumer decision-making. This experiment serves as a reminder that quality can meet affordability, and luxury is not solely reserved for those with deep pockets. BELLAVITAs innovative approach paves the way for other brands to challenge the status quo and redefine the boundaries of luxury in the marketplace.

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