Copeland Strengthens India Focus, Showcases Innovative Refrigeration and Cold Chain Solutions at REFCOLD India 2023

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Copeland, a global provider of sustainable climate solutions, recently showcased its sustainable, energy efficient and lower-GWP cold chain solutions at REFCOLD 2023 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Through its innovative technology, Copeland is helping businesses across a range of industries protect food safety and minimize product loss.

Supporting REFCOLD’s 2023 theme – “Preserve Through Innovation for a Better Future” – Copeland used its position as a refrigeration and cold chain industry leader to advance the dialogue on the growing need for sustainable cold chain products and solutions for the fast-growing India market. The Company demonstrated its portfolio of advanced refrigeration solutions designed to store products up to -40 environment for various commodities like milk, fruits, vegetables, and seafood, affirming its commitment to India. Copeland also served as key sponsor of the REFCOLD India Copeland Awards.

“With a huge potential of investment in cold chain, India continues to be one of the key markets for Copeland globally,” said Sandeep Gupta, Vice President & Managing Director, India for Copeland. “Our vision to advance the next generation of climate technologies for the refrigeration and cold chain industry will be vital for the sector and this association with REFCOLD is a major stepping-stone, a visible display of our commitment to the India market.”

REFCOLD, an initiative by ISHRAE (The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers), is in its sixth year, partnering with leading industry stakeholder to address key challenges and opportunities for India’s cold chain market that’s expected to more than double by 2027. Copeland with its pioneering vision held key discussions on requirements of India market with a specific focus on lower-GWP sustainable cooling solutions in various applications.

About Copeland

Copeland, a global provider of sustainable climate solutions, combines category-leading brands in compression, controls, software and monitoring for heating, cooling and refrigeration. With best-in-class engineering and design and the broadest portfolio of modulated solutions, we’re not just setting the standard for compressor leadership; we’re pioneering its evolution. Combining our technology with our smart energy management solutions, we can regulate, track and optimize conditions to help protect temperature-sensitive goods over land and sea, while delivering comfort in any space. Through energy-efficient products, regulation-ready solutions and expertise, we’re revolutionizing the next generation of climate technology for the better.

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