Elon Musk Opposes Apple-OpenAI Partnership: Raises Concerns Over Personal Data Security

Elon Musk Opposes Apple’s Partnership with OpenAI

The world’s richest businessman, Elon Musk, has voiced his opposition to Apple’s partnership with OpenAI. Musk expressed his concerns on his social media platform. Apple recently announced its collaboration with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, to further enhance artificial intelligence (AI) in its devices. This decision has sparked fears among people that their personal data may not remain secure.

Musk to Ban Apple Products in His Offices

Elon Musk has stated that he will ban Apple products in his companies if Apple integrates OpenAI at the operating system level. Musk expressed this stance on his social media platform, X. He described such integration as an unacceptable security violation.

Musk further stated that visitors with Apple devices would have their devices inspected at the entry gate of his companies, and those devices would need to be deposited before entry.

In another post, Musk criticized Apple, saying, “It is blatantly absurd that Apple isn’t smart enough to create its own AI and yet claims it will protect your security and privacy! Apple has no idea what happens to your data once you hand it over to OpenAI. They are putting you at risk.”

Elon Musk shared this sentiment on the social media site X.

Apple Known for Security and Safety

Apple has a distinctive architecture for privacy and security and does not compromise on data security. In 2016, when the FBI recovered an iPhone from terrorist Syed Farook, the agency asked for Apple’s help to unlock it, but Apple refused.

Apple services like FaceTime and iCloud use encryption to secure data stored on your phone and traveling to and from Apple servers. If any bugs arise, Apple provides software updates promptly without any interference.

The risk of viruses on Apple devices is very low. Apple’s software is designed to make it difficult for attackers to penetrate the system.

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