BYJU’S Layoffs: Former Employee Urged to Resign

BYJU’S, facing mounting pressure from lenders, has initiated a comprehensive cost-saving strategy that includes staff layoffs across various departments. In light of this restructuring process, nearly 1,000 employees have been affected. One former employee has recently shared his experience of being unexpectedly asked to resign, despite dedicating significant effort to the company. This report highlights the challenges faced by the employee and sheds light on BYJU’S current cost-cutting measures.

Arpit Singh, a former employee of BYJU’S in Delhi who served as a retention manager, recently disclosed his job loss due to the company’s layoffs. Expressing his disappointment on LinkedIn, Singh revealed his dedicated work ethic and commitment to BYJU’S and Career, stating that he had never experienced a rigid 10-8 work culture before. He emphasized that he was always available around the clock for the company. However, despite his efforts, Singh was taken aback when the HR department approached him and requested his immediate resignation.

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Despite the unexpected turn of events, Arpit Singh harbors no ill feelings towards BYJU’S and expressed his respect for the company’s decision. However, his current situation has started to take a toll on him, causing distress. Initially, Singh was confident that he could secure a job with a comparable salary, but his expectations have not materialized. He mentioned that he ventured into the private sector after not being selected for a government job. However, as a year has passed since his layoff, Singh has faced significant challenges and lost everything, underscoring the gravity of his current predicament.

Compounding his existing challenges, Arpit Singh faces the additional burden of being the sole breadwinner for his family. As a result, he has been unable to gather the courage to inform his family about his recent job loss, which occurred approximately a month ago. Singh explained that his family is already in a vulnerable financial state, and he bears the responsibility of supporting them. The weight of this responsibility has prevented him from sharing the news of his layoff with them.

Singh also shared that despite his efforts, he has faced difficulties in securing new employment. He has diligently applied to multiple companies, but unfortunately, he has not yet been selected for any positions. This ongoing struggle further compounds his distress and adds to the uncertainty surrounding his future prospects.

In an apparent desperate appeal for assistance, Singh conveyed his willingness to forego taking any leaves as he actively seeks a new job. Expressing his determination, he stated that he does not want to take a break from the job search process and is prepared to engage in any type of work. However, he also revealed the emotional toll that the current situation has had on him, stating that he is hesitant to endure this challenging stage in his life. This reflects the depth of his emotional distress and the impact it has had on his overall well-being.


The case of a former BYJU’S employee asked to resign abruptly sheds light on the complexities associated with organizational downsizing. It serves as a reminder for companies to approach such processes with sensitivity and care, ensuring the welfare and well-being of their employees are prioritized. Transparent communication, empathy, and robust support mechanisms are essential in mitigating the adverse effects of downsizing, thereby fostering a healthier work environment for all stakeholders involved.

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