24 Global Brands Set to Enter the Indian Market: International Companies Investing in the World’s 5th Largest Economy

India, known as one of the world’s top consumer markets and boasting a massive population, has become an attractive destination for global brands seeking growth and expansion. In a noteworthy development, over two dozen international brands are preparing to open stores in India this year, surpassing the average annual influx of global brands. The majority of these entrants are food and beverage companies, reflecting the rising consumer spending trends in the country.

India’s consumer market is witnessing an unprecedented surge as it attracts an impressive number of global brands, marking the highest influx in a decade. This year, more than 24 renowned international brands, including Dunhill, Roberto Cavalli, Lavazza, Armani Cafe, and Foot Locker, are making their way into the Indian market. Industry experts, such as Nitin Chhabra, CEO of Ace Turtle, foresee India as the premier market for consumer companies not only in the current year but also throughout the coming decade.

India Will Soon Receive a Rapidly Expanding Global Brand

The substantial increase in the number of global brands venturing into India demonstrates the country’s growing significance as a key destination for international market expansion. Renowned luxury brands, such as Dunhill and Roberto Cavalli, are recognizing the immense potential of the Indian consumer base and are capitalizing on the rising demand for premium products and experiences.

YearNo. of Global Brands Came to India

The Majority of Food and Beverage and Fashion Firms Are Expanding Into India

Major BrandsSector
Lavazza, Armani Cafe, Jamba, CoffeeFood and Drinks
Club Tim HortonsFood and Drinks
Pottery Barn, West ElmFurniture and Decor
Valentino, Balenciaga, DunhillLifestyle and Luxury Fashion
Foot LockerSportswear

Local Businesses Are Collaborating

Reliance Brands and Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail, two prominent Indian companies, have been actively pursuing collaborations with foreign brands, solidifying their positions as key players in the Indian retail industry. Notably, Reliance Brands has successfully added 50 foreign brands to its portfolio in recent years, signaling its commitment to expanding its offerings and catering to the diverse preferences of Indian consumers.

Five Key Factors Attracting Global Brands to the Indian Market

Expansive Consumer Base:

India boasts a massive consumer base, with 473 million consumers at present. This large population offers a significant market for global brands to tap into and capitalize on the growing consumer spending power and demand for a wide range of products and services.

Rapid Growth of the Retail Industry:

India’s retail industry is experiencing rapid growth, projected to expand at an annual rate of 9 percent throughout this decade. This robust growth presents an attractive business environment for global brands seeking to establish a strong presence and capture market share in various retail segments.

Promising Market Potential:

The Indian retail market is estimated to reach 11.62 lakh crore in the next three years. This substantial market potential signifies significant opportunities for global brands to leverage the increasing consumer spending and cater to the evolving preferences and demands of Indian consumers.

Growing Consumer Base:

India’s consumer base is anticipated to witness remarkable growth, with an estimated increase to 3.10 crore consumers this year. This surge in consumer numbers indicates a rising middle class with higher disposable incomes and an inclination towards premium and international brands, making India an attractive market for global companies.

Favorable Investment Climate:

India is currently regarded as one of the most attractive countries for retail investments. The government’s liberalization policies, ease of doing business initiatives, and growing infrastructure development create a favorable investment climate for global brands looking to enter the Indian market and establish long-term operations.


The influx of 24 global brands into India this year underscores the country’s attractiveness as a destination for international companies seeking expansion and growth. With a thriving consumer market, rising consumer spending, and a robust economic landscape, India offers immense potential and enticing prospects for global brands. By capitalizing on strategic partnerships and recognizing the long-term growth opportunities, international companies are poised to establish a strong foothold and forge lasting connections with Indian consumers in the dynamic and evolving Indian market.

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