Indian Brand Makes Global Impact, Expands into US and Diversifies in New Sectors

In the last two decades, India has established itself as a hub for back and technical support for many American multinational companies. While the country is recognized for providing world-class software services, Indian consumer brands struggle to gain dominance in the American consumer market, unlike their American counterparts that have found success in the Indian market. Despite brands like Dabur and Himalaya making their way into American grocery stores and retail markets in recent years, they have not been able to achieve significant market share.

Moreover, Indian products such as pickles, papads, and snacks have been sold in American markets for many years. However, recent efforts by some new-age Indian brands aim to enter not only the American market but also European and other foreign markets through innovative marketing strategies. Notably, these brands are changing the narrative by moving from traditional Indian sectors like silk, textiles, Ayurveda, and traditional medicines to explore new sectors successfully.

Indian Brands in the American Market – A Shifting Landscape

Brands like Vaahdam India and Skillmatics, which have crossed the milestone of earning ₹10 billion, are now focusing on the American market. In July of this year, Delhi-based tea brand Vaahdam secured a prominent place in over 4,000 health stores in America, emphasizing its expansion strategy in the offline retail sector. Founded in 2015, Skillmatics, initially a digital marketing brand, is now targeting growth in offline sales under its expansion strategy. Mumbai-headquartered Skillmatics, known for educational games for children, initially sold its products online but has expanded its presence to more than 15,000 stores through popular retail chains, including Walmart.

Ayurveda Experience, a company established in 2014, has been selling serums and cleansers in the American market. Sixty percent of its men’s hygiene-related products are sold in America. While 65% of Ayurveda Experience’s revenue comes from America, India only contributes 8-10% to its earnings. Impressively, 70% of the company’s earnings are generated in America, compared to only 10-15% in India.

Bridging the Gap: Marketing Strategies for Indian and American Consumers

The success of Indian brands in America depends on several factors that differ from the Indian market. While Indian consumers focus on the product’s price, American consumers prioritize quality. Additionally, Indian brands need to compete with locally established brands not only in America but also in other countries like China, Japan, Israel, and South Korea. The higher cost of Indian products in dollars, along with shipping expenses, makes it challenging for them to be competitive in the American market.

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