JioTag: An Affordable Alternative to Apple’s AirTag, Priced at Only INR 749

Jio, a leading telecommunications company, has unveiled its latest offering, JioTag, positioning it as the most affordable Bluetooth tracking device in India. With a price tag of just Rs 2,199. Priced at just Rs 749 during the launch offer, JioTag aims to revolutionize the tracking and locating devices market by providing cost-effective tracking solutions. 

Jio has introduced JioTag as a direct competitor to Apple’s AirTag and Samsung’s SmartTag. Designed to meet the growing demand for tracking devices, JioTag offers similar functionality and features. One notable addition is the Jio Community Find feature support, further enhancing the device’s tracking capabilities.

JioTag Specifications & Features

Replaceable CR2032 Battery: JioTag is equipped with a replaceable CR2032 battery, offering a battery life of up to one year. This ensures long-lasting usage without the need for frequent battery replacements, enhancing convenience for users.

Bluetooth v5.1 Connectivity: JioTag utilizes Bluetooth v5.1 technology to establish a seamless connection with users’ smartphones. This advanced Bluetooth version provides reliable and efficient communication between the device and the smartphone, enabling real-time tracking and location updates.

Compact Design: JioTag features a compact and portable design, allowing users to easily carry it in their wallet, handbag, or any other personal item. Its lightweight construction ensures that it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to the belongings being tracked.

Cable for Easy Attachment: The device comes with a cable that facilitates easy attachment to various devices or objects. This allows users to securely affix the tracker to a wide range of items, ensuring they can track and locate their belongings effectively.

Intuitive Mobile Application: JioTag is supported by a user-friendly mobile application available for both iOS and Android platforms. The app provides a seamless and intuitive interface, enabling users to conveniently track and locate their items, set up custom alerts, and access additional features.

Reliable Tracking: With JioTag, users can rely on its accurate tracking capabilities to locate their belongings. The device leverages the Bluetooth connection with the smartphone to provide real-time tracking updates, ensuring users can swiftly retrieve their items when needed.

Tracking Distance: JioTag provides a tracking distance of up to 20 meters indoors and 50 meters outdoors. This extended range ensures that users can accurately locate their belongings, even in different environments.

Ring Phone Functionality: With JioTag, users can conveniently locate their smartphones by double-tapping the tracker. This action triggers the phone to emit a ringing sound, even if it is in silent or do-not-disturb mode. This feature ensures that users can easily find their misplaced phones within the tracking range.

JioTag: Introducing the Community Find Feature for Enhanced Tracking

JioTag, the recently launched Bluetooth tracker, introduces the innovative Community Find feature to further enhance its tracking capabilities. With this feature, users can leverage the power of the Jio Community to locate their lost or misplaced JioTag-connected devices. When users are unable to find a device at its last disconnected location, they can list their lost JioTag device on the JioThings app installed on their smartphones. The Community Find feature will then activate, initiating a collective search within the Jio Community to locate and report the precise location of the lost JioTag.


With its remarkable affordability and feature-rich functionality, JioTag emerges as a compelling alternative to Apple’s AirTag. Priced at only INR 749, JioTag significantly lowers the entry barrier for consumers seeking a reliable tracking and locating solution. The device’s sleek design, versatile features, and seamless app integration further enhance its appeal. JioTag is poised to disrupt the market, empowering a wider audience with affordable and efficient tracking capabilities.

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