Rising Concerns: Nationwide Inflation Surges 1.26% in April, Hits 13-Month High

During the month of April, alarming news has emerged regarding the cost of living for the general populace in the country. A staggering increase of 1.26% has been recorded in the wholesale price index (WPI) inflation, primarily fueled by the escalating prices of essential food items, including vegetables. This marks a consistent upward trend in inflationary pressures, with consecutive months witnessing a rise. 

Notably, between February and March, there was an increase of 0.20% and 0.53% respectively. Comparatively, last year during April, WPI inflation stood at 0.79%. The sustained surge in food prices is raising concerns among economists and policymakers, highlighting the need for interventions to address the root causes and mitigate the impact on the economy and consumers.

WPI Inflation Reaches 13-Month High in April

In April, the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) inflation has surged to a 13-month high. Previously, during March 2023, WPI inflation had reached its peak at 1.41%, marking the highest level recorded. 

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has announced that during April 2024, the inflationary pressures have intensified across various sectors including food items, electricity, crude petroleum, natural gas, and other manufactured goods. 

This sharp increase in prices underscores the challenges faced by both consumers and businesses, necessitating concerted efforts to address the underlying factors driving inflation.

April Witnesses Sharp Increase in Food Prices

During April, the inflation rate for food items soared to 7.74%. Within the fuel and power basket, inflation rose by 1.38% during April, a significant increase compared to the previous month’s decrease of -0.77%.

Specifically within the category of food items, inflation in vegetable prices surged to 23.60%, contrasting with the previous month’s figure of 19.52%. Additionally, prices of pulses escalated sharply during April, witnessing an increase of 71.97%.

These statistics underscore the substantial impact of rising food prices on the overall inflationary landscape, posing challenges for both consumers and policymakers in managing economic stability and affordability.

Retail Inflation Maintains Stability Amidst WPI Surge

Despite the significant increase in Wholesale Price Index (WPI) inflation during April, retail inflation remained relatively stable at 4.83% over the past eleven months. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has maintained its repo rate unchanged for the seventh consecutive time last month, indicating its cautious approach towards managing the risks posed by rising food inflation. 

The RBI’s forthcoming meeting, scheduled between 5th to 7th June, will likely address the evolving economic scenario and formulate appropriate measures to ensure price stability and economic resilience.

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