Viral News: Vinitha Singh Denies Shark Tank Judge’s Death And Arrest Rumors

Vinitha Singh, the CEO of Sugar Cosmetics and a judge on reality show Shark Tank India, has debunked rumors of her death. She shared a post on social media platform X on Saturday, April 20, providing this information.

It’s not just a few pieces of news, even false reports of Vinitha Singh’s arrest are going viral. In an attempt to stop the spread of rumors, she filed a complaint with the Mumbai Crime Branch, Meta (parent company of Facebook), and the Mumbai Cyber Police after sharing a post on X but no action was taken.

In the post, the CEO of Sugar Cosmetics shared a screenshot of misleading news, titled – ‘Challenging days for India: We bid goodbye to Vinitha Singh.’

“I have been living with fake news for 5 weeks”: Vinitha

She said, “I have been facing the brunt of my death and arrest fake news on social media for 5 weeks. Despite informing Meta and Mumbai Cyber Police, no help was received. The worst part of dealing with this is when people call mom to confirm news.”

They have demanded suggestions on how to handle the campaign of false information from social media users. Reacting to her post, many social media users expressed concerns and urged authorities to take immediate action against spreading fake news.

Mumbai Police has also responded to this post and asked Vinitha Singh to contact them. After this, Singh appreciated their assistance.

Created from 500 crore ‘Sugar Cosmetics’ company 4 lipstick shades

Vinitha Singh is a businesswoman. She is the CEO and co-founder of the beauty brand ‘Sugar Cosmetics’. Vinitha is included in the list of successful businesswomen in India. She worked tirelessly day and night to quit millions of jobs and start her own business. She couldn’t get a loan for her first business, and she had to shut it down in the next 5 years, but she did not give up.

When it was time for a change, her hard work paid off, and after launching the brand ‘Sugar Cosmetics’, she emerged as one of the most successful businesswomen in the country. Vinitha says that today 2500 women are working with me. We launched this brand in 2015 and now it is worth around 500 crore rupees. Our turnover target for this year is around Rs. 700 crores.

‘Shark Tank India’ connected me with people

Vinitha’s brand became very popular very quickly, but people didn’t recognize me personally. After appearing on the popular show ‘Shark Tank India’, people started recognizing me. The reason for coming to Shark Tank was to encourage all the girls like me who have a dream to move forward on their own merits. I can be useful to women who demand that their business move forward.

I tell people the story of my failure so that their courage does not break. They need to know that it takes a lot of struggle to see big dreams. When I said ‘yes’ for Shark Tank show, I couldn’t imagine it would be such a hit. It was a new concept for Indian viewers, but people liked it a lot.

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