Invest in Gold via ETFs: Buy and Sell through Trading Account, Enjoy Up to 25% Growth in Past Year!

Gold has reached an all-time high of ₹74,000 per 10 grams. According to IBJA, the price of gold has increased to ₹10,870 per 10 grams this year. Gold was ₹63,352 on January 1st and has now reached ₹74,222 per 10 grams.

Consider Investing in Gold ETFs

Experts predict further increases in the coming days, possibly reaching up to ₹85,000 by the end of the year. If you’re considering investing in gold, Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) could be a viable option. They have shown a growth of up to 25% in the last year alone. In this situation, we’re informing you about Gold ETFs.

ETFs Based on Fluctuating Gold Prices

Exchange Traded Funds are based on fluctuating gold prices. One Gold ETF unit equals 1 gram of gold. It’s completely pure. Gold ETFs can be bought and sold on BSE and NSE. If you’re unable to invest in physical gold, or wish to diversify, you may consider investing in Gold ETFs.

Benefits of Investing in Gold ETFs

There are numerous benefits to investing in Gold ETFs. Not only can you purchase gold units through ETFs without much hassle, but you can also invest in smaller quantities through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). Physical gold is typically sold in larger quantities (e.g., 10 grams). It’s often difficult to purchase smaller quantities from jewelers.

Purity and Security of Gold ETFs

Gold ETFs provide transparent and uniform pricing. They follow the London Bullion Market Association, a global authority on metal prices. Meanwhile, physical gold can be bought at different prices from various sellers/jewelers. Gold ETFs offer 99.5% purity, the highest level of purity. The price of gold purchased by an individual will be based on this purity.

Cost Efficiency and Security

Gold ETFs incur a brokerage fee of only 0.5% or less for buying and selling, and an annual charge of 1% for portfolio management. Compared to making charges ranging from 8% to 30% for jewelry purchases, this is significantly lower and applies to both coins and bars.

Ease of Trading

Gold ETFs offer easy buying and selling without any complications. They provide high liquidity. Gold ETFs can also be used as security to take loans.

How to Invest

To invest in Gold ETFs, you’ll need to open a demat account through your broker. You can purchase units of Gold ETFs available on NSE and the amount will be deducted from your linked bank account. Orders placed in your demat account are settled within two days, and Gold ETFs will be credited to your account. Trading of Gold ETFs can be done through your trading account.

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