EA Sports FC 24: Release Date, FIFA Editions, Closed Beta, Xbox Platform, and Logo Revealed

EA Sports FC 24, formerly known as FIFA, is set to make its debut on September 29, according to reliable data miner billbil-kun. The game will be released in two editions: Standard and Ultimate. The Ultimate edition will offer players a week of early access, starting on September 22, unlike the three-day early access period offered in FIFA 23. Additionally, subscribers to the EA Play service will have the opportunity to enjoy a 10-hour free trial of the game.

The timing of this leak aligns conveniently with EA’s promise to provide more information on EA Sports FC in July. This leak comes as an exciting development for football gaming enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the release of the game. Notably, EA Sports FC 24 marks EA Sports’ first football game since parting ways with the global footballing federation, resulting in the loss of the iconic ‘FIFA’ moniker.

As the launch date approaches, fans can anticipate further updates and announcements regarding the game’s features, gameplay mechanics, and improvements. EA Sports FC 24 aims to deliver an exceptional gaming experience, building upon the legacy of the FIFA franchise while incorporating fresh elements that will captivate players.

In addition to the release date information, Twitter user @ALumia_Italia, known for scraping the Xbox backend for leaked data, has provided insights into the file sizes of EA Sports FC 24’s closed beta versions. According to the data miner, the Xbox Series X version of the closed beta weighs approximately 41.57GB, while the older-generation Xbox One beta comes in at around 39.23GB. These file sizes indicate that the game will be available on both newer and older consoles, aligning with the FIFA franchise’s tradition of appealing to a wide player base across different markets and platforms.

At present, there is no information available regarding the file sizes for the PC and PlayStation versions of EA Sports FC 24. However, it is not uncommon for EA Sports to release their games on multiple platforms to cater to a broader audience.

Following the rebranding of the game from FIFA to EA Sports FC, the pressure on EA Sports to deliver quality titles that match the enormous success of their predecessors has increased. While limited information is currently available about EA Sports FC, it is highly likely that the popular Ultimate Team game mode, known for its monetization potential, will be included in the game.

As the release date approaches, fans can expect further details and announcements regarding the game’s features, gameplay mechanics, and improvements. EA Sports will strive to create an engaging and immersive experience that lives up to the expectations set by the FIFA franchise.

In April, the official logo for EA Sports FC was unveiled by the publisher. The logo features an upside-down triangle shape, which is derived from the in-game marker that floats above players’ heads. Going forward, this will be the new identity for the franchise. While the rebranding brings a fresh name, it is unlikely that there will be significant changes to the base gameplay that fans have come to know and love.

For those unfamiliar with the circumstances, EA Sports encountered financial disagreements with the FIFA federation. Allegedly, the federation demanded over $1 billion (approximately Rs. 8,253 crore) every four years for licensing the “FIFA” moniker to the long-running game series. In response to these demands, EA CEO Andrew Wilson expressed the willingness to drop the “FIFA” branding from their games. He highlighted that, in non-World Cup years, the main value derived from the license was merely the “four letters on the box.” It was a decision made in the face of the escalating costs associated with the FIFA licensing.

Despite parting ways with the FIFA branding, EA Sports will retain most of its existing licenses for football clubs and top leagues, including the prestigious Premier League. The Premier League license alone reportedly cost EA around $588 million (approximately Rs. 4,852 crore). This ensures that players can still enjoy authentic football club and league representations within the game.

As EA Sports moves forward with the EA Sports FC branding, players can expect the continuation of their favorite football clubs, leagues, and other licensing agreements that contribute to the realism and authenticity of the gaming experience.

In response to EA Sports’ decision to drop the FIFA branding from their games, the FIFA footballing body expressed its intention to collaborate with other third-party developers to create their own football game. FIFA President Gianni Infantino emphasized in a media release that the FIFA name remains the only authentic and globally recognized title in the football gaming realm. He assured fans that FIFA’s commitment to delivering the best game available for gamers and football fans remains steadfast.

Infantino reiterated that the FIFA name will endure and continue to be associated with future installments such as FIFA 23, FIFA 24, FIFA 25, and so on. According to the FIFA President, the FIFA name represents the pinnacle of football gaming and will persist as the leading brand in the industry.

While the specifics of FIFA’s plans to collaborate with third-party developers are yet to be disclosed, the organization aims to maintain its prominence in the gaming landscape and provide an unrivaled gaming experience for football enthusiasts.

As the situation develops, it will be interesting to see how both EA Sports and FIFA shape the future of football gaming, offering unique experiences to cater to the diverse preferences of players and fans worldwide.

If the leaked information is accurate, EA Sports FC 24 is expected to be released on September 29 for various platforms including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X. However, it is currently uncertain whether the game will also be available on the Nintendo Switch, as was the case with previous entries in the series.

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