AAA Company’s Seized Properties, Plane Released After 5 Years with 7.68 Crore Tax Paid

Five years ago, Aviation and Aeronotic Limited, a company based at Mahesana city’s airport, provided training to students on flying planes. However, due to the expansion of the airport complex, this AAA company’s crore worth of dues remained pending by the local authorities, and after several notices were ignored, the authorities seized assets, including AAA company’s aircraft. Finally, after five years, AAA Company settled the remaining dues, and now, the assets, including planes, belonging to the AAA company that operates at Mahesana airport, have been released by the local authorities.

Years ago, AAA Company, based at the airport within the limits of Mahesana municipality, used to provide training to students on flying planes. However, this company had a pending balance of 7.68 crore rupees in Mahesana municipality in 2018, and the municipality had sealed the assets, including planes. AAA Company had given a check for the pending amount, but that check had bounced earlier. Subsequently, a legal battle ensued, and in 2023, as part of a plan to waive off interest on the pending amount, AAA Company issued a draft of 7.68 crore rupees to clear the balance. Finally, after five years, the municipality released the assets, along with planes, belonging to AAA Company, as the company settled the pending dues and paid the draft amount in Mahesana municipality.

Today, the municipality has unsealed the assets of AAA Company, which included 4 planes out of which 3 were in good condition, and 1 was a damaged plane. Along with the planes, a travel bus, a classroom, an office, a storage room, and a hangar were also unsealed, reopening the previously sealed assets.

Niyati Rao

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