Controversy Erupts Over School Prayer: ABVP Protest Turns Violent in Ahmedabad’s Kalorex School, DEO Initiates Inquiry and Sends Notice

In Ghatlodiya, ABVP activists and Hindu organizations arrived at Keloreksha School to protest against the offering of prayers. In the principal’s office, they chanted Hanuman Chalisa and called for Ramdhun. Later, the school issued a written apology after parents’ requests, stating that the prayer program was an error. The situation turned violent as they chased the music teacher while chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram,’ as captured in videos. The Ghatlodiya PI and the police team have arrived at the school for investigation.

Education Minister Kubera Dindore has announced regarding the issue of headscarves in Keloreksha School in Ahmedabad. He stated that while religious education should not be compromised, attention should be given to the education that needs to be imparted. Discussions are underway with the District Education Officer regarding the necessary actions to be taken.

Teachers Surrounded and Assaulted in Video Footage

In the video, an individual suddenly runs towards a teacher, slapping them on the head with force, and subsequently, people around start grabbing and verbally confronting the teacher. The teacher attempts to flee but is cornered and repeatedly slapped on the face. One person even holds the teacher while others deliver blows to their face. Police arrive to rescue the teacher, but the assailant is not deterred. Finally, the teacher is escorted into a classroom for safety.

Video Deleted After Resolving the Matter

The school principal, Nirali Dagli, explained that this was not a major event. There was a Muslim student who had secured admission through the RTE scheme. For this reason, we had organized an event where some children, including the student, were involved in acting. They did not utter anything objectionable, and their performance was not meant to offend anyone. We took a few minutes to explain the situation to the children. If anyone was hurt by mistake, we apologize. We have also provided written apologies. We have resolved the matter and deleted all videos as a gesture of goodwill.

Apology Letter Regarding Eid Celebration in School

We hereby convey with utmost respect that on Friday, September 29, 2023, our school, Keloreksha School, organized a public event during which students were taught the method of offering prayers by one of the students. This event, which pertains to religious education, was intended to educate students and gain the attention of Hindu organizations and parents, as it would come to the notice on October 3rd by the International Hindu Parishad (AHP), National Bajrang Dal (RBD), and officials of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in the Ghatlodiya district. This subject was discussed with the school administration, and they have been informed about its seriousness and acknowledged our mistake.

We humbly apologize for this matter through this letter and assure that such an error will not be repeated. We extend our hand of reconciliation. We request all parents of the school to kindly consider this apology.

Protest and Harassment in Principal’s Office

A sticker with anti-Hindu sentiments was found attached to the desk of the school principal, sparking a protest in the principal’s office. Demonstrators chanted slogans and demanded the principal’s resignation. The situation escalated, leading to physical assault on a staff member later on.

Why Namaz is Taught in Hindu Schools

A person named Ashwin Patel has stated that in Madrasas, they teach ‘Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu,’ and similar concepts related to the birth of Lord Krishna. Therefore, in Hindu schools, students are taught Namaz, as they can also dress up as Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, or Lord Shiva.

Most Students in the School Follow Hinduism

A person named Zalak Gajjar mentioned that her daughter attends this school. She came across a video on social media where students were seen performing Namaz in the school. The majority of the students in this school follow Hinduism. This has led to considerations about canceling her daughter’s admission here and enrolling her in another school.

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