Fierce Fire at Toy Godown Near Vishala Circle in Ahmedabad, 3 Firefighters Injured as Toy Battery Explodes; 10+ Fire Tenders Respond

In the expansive vicinity of Ahmedabad’s Sarkhej, a massive fire has broken out near a snow factory. The incident has prompted the Fire Brigade team to deploy more than ten fire engines to the scene. Firefighters are battling to control the fire, which was initiated by young firefighters using water. Many other shops and warehouses in the area have been evacuated, including those around the snow factory. The presence of a godown has exacerbated the spread of the fire. Currently, the Chief Officer and other officials have reached the scene to make efforts to contain the fire.

Battery-Operated and Other Rams Present

According to available information, a severe fire broke out in a warehouse located near a snow factory in Sarkhej, Ahmedabad. More than ten fire engines from the Fire Brigade rushed to the scene as soon as the fire erupted. Besides fire officers, two Deputy Chief Fire Officers and immediate staff were also present at the incident site. Various types of rams and equipment were inside the warehouse, including battery-operated rams. A fire in the warehouse caused one or two batteries to explode. As a result, water from three to four fire personnel’s backpacks was ejected, leading to their injuries.

Two Individuals Rescued

Three fire personnel with backpacks were immediately transported to V.S. Hospital for urgent treatment due to the severe fire at the godown. Given the potentially catastrophic nature of the fire in the godown, it was not allowed to spread further, and surrounding shops and warehouses were evacuated. Two individuals were rescued by descending through a hole from the roof. The Fire Brigade team is currently making efforts to bring the fire under control and extinguish it.

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