Tragedy Strikes: 15-Day-Old Infant Dies in Ahmedabad Fire, 27 Rescued in Danilimda Flats Blaze

A fire broke out in the Khwaja Flats located in the Danilimda village of Ahmedabad early in the morning. The fire started on the meter board of the flats and quickly spread to the adjacent buildings. Panic ensued among the residents of the flats, and many people rushed out to safety. Fifteen days-old infants and nine other individuals suffered injuries in the stampede that ensued. They were rushed to LG Hospital for treatment, where unfortunately, the infant succumbed to the injuries while the other eight individuals are currently receiving medical attention. The fire brigade team promptly arrived at the scene and managed to extinguish the fire. More than 27 residents from the flats were rescued and safely brought down.

Two individuals have suffered more injuries.

Dr. Leena Dabhi, the Superintendent of Maninagar LG Hospital, stated in an interview with Divya Bhaskar that in the incident of the fire outbreak at the Khwaja Flats in Danilimda earlier this morning, the death of a 15-day-old infant has occurred. Additionally, eight others are injured, with two individuals sustaining more severe injuries. The condition of the other people is also affected by smoke inhalation. Currently, they are receiving treatment at the hospital.

According to information obtained from the Fire Brigade, around 06:15 this morning, a message was received at the control room that a fire had broken out in the Khwaja Flats located in Patel Vas, within the Danilimda area. Consequently, two vehicles from the Jamalpur Fire Station were immediately dispatched to the scene of the incident. Upon arrival, the fire brigade personnel found that the fire had spread from the ground floor to the upper floors. The fire brigade team swiftly took action to control the blaze by deploying water jets.

Due to the fire, panic ensued among the residents of the flats, and a tense atmosphere was created. The fire broke out in the parking area meters, causing damage to parked vehicles and bicycles. Due to the densely populated nature of the flats, the fire quickly spread to neighboring areas. As the fire approached the doors of the flats, residents rushed outside. Among them were a small child and three adults who suffered minor injuries. The fire brigade team managed to extinguish the fire and safely evacuate all 27 people residing in the flats.

Due to the narrow passages in the flat, the fire brigade’s vehicle could not reach inside. The flat is also situated in a very cramped space, making it impossible for vehicles to access up to five flats. The narrow lanes further hindered vehicle access. Additionally, there was no provision for parking, and vehicles were parked near the meter. This prevented people from quickly evacuating the building. As a result, the fire spread more rapidly, exacerbating the situation further.

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