Ahmedabad’s Parental Temple: Embodying Divine Love and Reverence – Where Every Visitor Sees Their Mother

For centuries, referring to parents as embodiments of the divine has been a profound truth. Parents bestow life upon their children, nurture them, and safeguard them at every step of their journey. 

They instill love, education, and values into their children, aiding them in becoming compassionate individuals. In Ahmedabad, a lawyer has erected a temple for his parents, expressing his love and devotion towards them.

Located near Anjali Char Rasta in the Yogeswarnagar society of Ahmedabad, Haresh Shah has built a temple dedicated to his parents within his own home. To mark this occasion, he invited close relatives to his residence for a meal and also organized a recitation by renowned poet Tushar Shukla. 

This gesture stands as a poignant testament to the timeless bond between parents and children, resonating with the age-old values of love and respect in Indian culture.

Parents of the Temple Builder Reside in Khadia Pol

Parents of the Temple Builder Reside in Khadia Pol

Haresh Shah revealed that his father’s name is Shantilal Shah and his mother’s name is Kundanben Shah. They used to reside in the Khadia area initially and later moved to the western part of the city. 

Shantilal Shah worked as a cloth merchant in Manek Chowk and had a monthly salary of 300 rupees at that time. Meanwhile, Kundanben managed household chores along with stitching work and raised two sons, Haresh Shah and Deepak Shah, and a daughter, Varsha Shah. Haresh Shah has served as a government lawyer throughout his career.

Parental Presence in the Temple: A Cherished Tradition

Parental Presence in the Temple: A Cherished Tradition

Truly, this sentiment was particularly close to the heart of Haresh Shah’s younger brother, Deepak Shah, who was nurtured by the family’s values. In the temple, alongside the statues of their parents, there is also a representation of a birdhouse. 

While the mother sits atop the house weaving, the father is often seen feeding birds. Paresh Shah reveals that his father never missed an opportunity to feed birds, emphasizing the enduring bond between parents and nature.

The Temple Where Parents Reside

The Temple Where Parents Reside

The reason behind constructing this temple, as explained by Haresh Shah, is that in this world, we often fail to perceive the presence of the divine. However, for us, our parents are our gods. They are living gods, deserving of our utmost devotion and service. 

In today’s generation, carving out time for parents is considered auspicious, and this temple stands as a symbol of such noble intentions. Here, anyone who visits pays homage to their own parents through the statues present. 

Even though Haresh Shah himself may not be physically present to witness the devotees, he feels the divine presence of his parents in the temple, which is a deeply moving experience for him.

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