Dramatic Rescue Caught on CCTV: RPF Troopers Save Passenger Boarding Moving Train in Ahmedabad

At the Kalupur Railway Station in Ahmedabad, a passenger attempted to board a moving train on platform number 4 but slipped and fell below the platform. Fortunately, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel present at the scene quickly acted to rescue the passenger before any harm could come to them. The entire incident was captured on CCTV cameras as part of the railway police’s vigilance efforts. The timely response of the RPF personnel prevented a potentially tragic accident.

A passenger at the Kalupur Railway Station in Ahmedabad made an attempt to board a moving train on platform number 4 and slipped beneath the platform. Railway Protection Force (RPF) Constable Krishnakumar, who was on duty at the time, was present. As the train, numbered 19016 Saurashtra Express, was arriving around 7:30 AM, a passenger tried to board it while it was still in motion and ended up under the platform. Constable Krishnakumar, who was on duty, immediately rushed to the spot and managed to rescue the passenger and pull them out to safety before any harm could come to them.

At Ahmedabad station, a passenger was found attempting to board a moving train after getting off at platform number 4. Upon witnessing this, other people present on the platform also rushed to the scene immediately. In response to this incident, the train manager cut off the power supply to stop the train and keep it stationary. Subsequently, in the initial questioning, the passenger identified himself as Ramanikbhai. He was traveling in the S-6 coach from Porbandar to Valsad and had descended to the platform to fetch a bottle of water. However, as the train suddenly started moving, the accidental slip occurred. After the incident, the RPF personnel advised him not to board the moving train for his safety.

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