Ahmedabad Traffic Department Worker Settles Biker Dispute with Rs.150 after Rs.200 Bribe Demand

A video circulating on social media captures a home guard jawan from Ahmedabad’s traffic department accepting Rs 150 as a bribe. The home guard demanded Rs 200 instead of imposing a fine on a motorcyclist for riding on the wrong side. In response, the biker handed over Rs 150 and requested a receipt. The police, in turn, insisted that no receipt would be provided for Rs 150. The video has gained widespread attention on social media, prompting an investigation. Traffic DCP, when approached for comments, mentioned that the video is old, and appropriate action will be taken after further examination.

Home Guard Stops Biker on Wrong Side, Demands Money

At the traffic booth near Ahmedabad’s ST bus station, traffic police, Home Guard, and TRB personnel are on duty. A video from this location has surfaced on social media, depicting a home guard jawan intercepting a biker traveling on the wrong side. The home guard raised his voice and asked for money from the biker. Initially, the biker handed over Rs 150, but the home guard insisted on Rs 200. As the biker lacked the additional amount, a settlement was reached with the home guard accepting only Rs 150.

Request for Receipt Denied After Payment

After handing over Rs 150 to the home guard jawan, the biker requested a receipt, prompting an angry response. The home guard asserted that there is no provision for issuing a receipt for Rs 150, emphasizing that the fine for the offense was Rs 1500. Despite the biker’s request, no receipt was provided, and he was directed to leave. This incident sheds light on a recurring issue where home guard jawans, lacking proper authority, engage in extortion by stopping vehicles.

Assurance of Investigation by Traffic DCP

Traffic DCP Safin Hasan clarified that the video pertains to the traffic police station area in the division. Upon investigation, it was determined that the video is outdated. He assured that necessary action would be taken after a thorough examination of the video. The response from the DCP reflects a commitment to addressing the issue and taking appropriate measures.

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